Eric Bischoff Predicts NXT vs. AEW Will Be A “Bloodbath”

Eric Bischoff AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff does not think the NXT head-to-head with Dynamite will end well for AEW.

NXT and AEW Dynamite will be going head-to-head on October 10th in a one-off resurrection of the Wednesday Night Wars due to a change in night for AEW’s flagship show.

As a result, wrestling fans will be the winners as both companies stack their shows to try and claim ratings supremacy. AEW is promoting Dynamite as a “Title Tuesday” special with two titles on the line. Hikaru Shida will challenge Saraya for the AEW Women’s Title while Jon Moxley will attempt to reclaim the AEW International Championship from Rey Fenix. In addition, Adam Copeland will have his first AEW match when he takes on Luchasaurus.

NXT on the other hand will feature main roster stars in Asuka and The Brawling Brutes in action while Cody Rhodes is slated to make a massive announcement while John Cena and Paul Heyman will be in Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker’s respective corners for the bout between the former NXT Champions.

To really push the boat out for the show, WWE has advertised that The Undertaker will be part of the show as his famous gong featured at the end of an NXT advertisement.

WWE not stacking NXT because they’re afraid of AEW says Eric Bischoff

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff claimed that WWE is doing what they’re doing in stacking the show, not because of AEW but because they’re in the middle of rights negotiations:

“People need to pull their head out of their ass or Dave Meltzer’s ass, or the dirt sheet’s ass and be honest and objective. Look at the fact that they’ve been stacking NXT now for several weeks and the numbers have been coming up for several weeks. And they’re not doing it because they’re afraid of AEW, or the genius creative of Tony Khan, which is non-existent.

“They’re doing it because they’re in the middle of a negotiation, or they’re entering into negotiations, and they want the most money they can get for that show. Well, gee, how do you do that? Well, let’s put some of our A-listers on our C show. Because as much as you know, the hardcore, and I’m talking about the internet wrestling fans, not the general wrestling fan with reference to AEW.

“When you’re honest about it. AEW, if Dynamite is their A show, NXT is their C show it’s a developmental property. It’s not apples to apples, it’s apples and cucumbers. Now we’re getting a little sample of a few and in this case coming up tomorrow night, a few more.

“You’re getting a few A-listers on what is your C show and everybody’s going ‘Oh my God they are afraid of AEW.’ Grow the f*ck up. Just pull your head out of the dirt sheets. Look at things objectively go back and look at what’s been going on in the last several weeks.

“And allow yourself to recognise that there is actually the business to the wrestling business. And WWE is doing exactly what they should do and have been doing for a couple of weeks. And I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow night. I don’t necessarily want to get into too, too much of a prediction other than I think it’s going to be a f*cking bloodbath.”

Eric Bischoff was the head of WCW when the company won the ratings war on Monday nights for 83 consecutive weeks. In the end, the ratings war was eventually won by WWE with Bischoff’s company collapsing leading to its ultimate demise in 2001.

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