Kazuchika Okada Doesn’t Need NXT Says Bryan Danielson

Kazuchika Okada Bryan Danielson

Kazuchika Okada is on his way out of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Bryan Danielson has given his thoughts on what his rival’s next move might be.

Kazuchika Okada shocked the wrestling world when he announced he was leaving NJPW. Okada has been the biggest star in the company over the last decade but the next stage of his career looks set to take place in the United States but which company is getting The Rainmaker is still up for debate.

The most recent reports say Kazuchika Okada is AEW bound but that nothing has been signed and until that happens WWE might still feel they have a chance of snapping up the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

Speaking with Tokyo Sports, Bryan Danielson has given his thoughts on where Okada might end up and hopes to be sharing a locker room with the star again in AEW soon:

Of course I want him to come to AEW. Fans all over the world know how great Okada is. Both WWE and AEW are major players, but I hope he comes to AEW.

Kazuchika Okada Doesn’t Need NXT Says AEW Star

Should Okada head to WWE, there had been suggestions that he might start on the NXT brand while he adjusted to the company’s style but that is something Bryan Danielson does not think Okada needs:

If he went to WWE, they might have him start with (third brand) NXT like Shinsuke (Nakamura) to adapt to the American style, but it’s already completed. Okada doesn’t need that. He’s one of the best wrestlers in the world right now, so he should just come to the United States without changing anything.

While Okada’s future still has some question marks surrounding it there is less uncertainty about another former NJPW champion. Mercedes Mone is expected to debut for AEW very soon as part of a blockbuster show in her hometown.