Kazuchika Okada Makes Shocking AEW Debut On Dynamite

kazuchika okada white shirt

Kazuchika Okada is officially All Elite after making a surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite.

It was reported in mid-February that Kazuchika Okada made the decision to sign with AEW after letting his New Japan Pro Wrestling contract expire. While it is believed that World Wrestling Entertainment likely had an interest in Okada, it was his choice to go to AEW, which is a company he has wrestled for before.

At the AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door 2023 PPV in Toronto, Okada headlined that event against Bryan Danielson, who won the match even though he suffered a broken arm during the match. Okada has wrestled several other times in AEW.

What was different about Okada’s appearance on AEW Dynamite in the Atlanta area is that it was his first time appearing on Dynamite as an AEW wrestler who is under contract.

During a promo segment featuring The Young Bucks duo of Matthew & Nicholas Jackson, they announced that “Hangman” Adam Page was suspended for attacking referees at the Revolution PPV. They also said Kenny Omega was fired due to missing so much time for reasons unknown even though it’s really a health issue.

Eddie Kingston interrupted the promo and threw money at the Young Bucks for saying they would fine him if he said something. Eddie didn’t even say anything while Nick attacked Eddie and Matt hit a low blow. Nick superkicked Eddie and they wanted to do the EVP Trigger…but there was an interruption.

Kazuchika Okada made his official AEW debut. Okada grabbed Kingston and hit him with a Rainmaker clothesline. The fans booed Okada.

Nicholas Jackson announced that the newest member of The Elite is the “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada. The fans booed that while Okada shook the hands of The Young Bucks. Okada posed over Kingston while making the belt motion to show that he was coming after the Continental Crown Title.

What Did Kazuchika Okada Do During NJPW Career?

The 36-year-old Okada had an incredible in New Japan Pro Wrestling that started in 2007. As the years went on, Okada became a main event performer and a man that many people believe to be one of the best wrestlers alive over the last 15 years.

During his time in NJPW. Okada held the IWGP World Heavyweight Title seven times (two variations of that title). He also had some of the greatest matches ever with Kenny Omega, Will Ospreay, Hiroshi Tanahashi and numerous others.

Okada’s AEW debut taking place this month is significant since Will Ospreay had his first official AEW match at Revolution last Sunday and had what many people are considering one of the best AEW matches ever with Konosuke. Meanwhile, Mercedes Mone is expected to make her AEW debut on next week’s March 13th episode of AEW Dynamite.

After Okada’s debut, AEW CEO Tony Khan confirmed that Okada is All Elite.