Jon Moxley Makes It Clear He Will “Ride Or Die” With AEW

aew jon moxley promo

Jon Moxley has spoken up again about his loyalty to AEW while making sure that the company will never go “downhill” or anything like that.

It was about four years ago when Jon Moxley put an end to his WWE career as Dean Ambrose in early 2019 so that he can join a new wrestling company called All Elite Wrestling. Moxley debuted at AEW’s first pay-per-view Double or Nothing in May 2019 (the company launched in January 2019) and has been one of the biggest stars in AEW ever since.

During his AEW career, Moxley is the only three-time AEW World Champion in company history and his 96-14-1 career record in AEW is one of the best in the company.

In October 2022, Moxley signed a five-year contract extension with AEW as well as more responsibilities in the company as a mentor and coach.

Moxley was a guest on the Justin Kinner Show out of Dayton, Ohio recently. When the host said it sounded like there were no regrets for Moxley jumping from WWE to AEW in 2019, Moxley revealed what he talked about with another ex-WWE guy Chris Jericho at the time.

“It was a wreck for guys like myself and Chris Jericho. We joked that we tied ourselves, we were getting in a raft and heading down the river. We had no idea what was going to come. It was not guaranteed that AEW was going to be a success. We didn’t know if the show was going to be any good.”

As he continued, Jon Moxley talked about how he wants a lasting impact in pro wrestling as a guy that helped AEW grow as a company.

“If I have a lasting impact on the business, it would probably be that I helped AEW get off the ground, and I absolutely refuse to let this place ever go to hell. I will ride or die with this place. I won’t ever let it go downhill or suck or anything like that.”

Jon Moxley picked up a big win last week on the February 1st edition of AEW Dynamite when he beat “Hangman” Adam Page in singles action.

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