The John Report: AEW Dynamite 02/01/23 Review

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This week’s AEW Dynamite featured Jon Moxley facing “Hangman” Adam Page, Darby Allin defending the TNT Title against Samoa Joe in a No Holds Barred match and more.

This was AEW Dynamite episode #174 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Check out the AEW PPV listing archive only on TJRWrestling as well. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means. Excalibur was on commentary with Tony Schiavone and Taz as usual.

Jon Moxley made his entrance by walking down the stairs in the back part of the arena. Moxley was joined by his father Dan and Wheeler Yuta. It’s about one hour from Moxley’s home in Cincinnati. Moxley is back after selling a storyline injury from the last time he faced Hangman. That led to Hangman’s entrance with fewer cheers than usual for him since it is close to Moxley’s home and in Mox’s home state.

Moxley attacked Page in the aisle before the bell. Moxley whipped Page into the barricade. They went fighting into the crowd with Moxley hitting a double axhandle to the back. Page with a running boot to the face. Moxley took down on the Page and gave him a Figure Four Leglock on the floor while the fans were chanting for Moxley. Page threw a beer at Moxley’s face to break it. They continued fighting by the ring with Page throwing a chair at Moxley’s face after the referee wanted Moxley to back away. Page suplexed Moxley onto a chair. They finally went into the ring and referee Paul Turner called for the bell after five minutes of fighting.

Jon Moxley vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

Page worked over Moxley with punches while Moxley came back with a dropkick by the leg. Moxley was bleeding by the right eye where the chair hit him. Moxley with a leg submission, Page got to the ropes and Page hit a German Suplex while Moxley continued to bleed by the eye. Page worked over Moxley with punches while Page rubbed some Moxley blood on his own chest. Moxley charged, Page caught him and hit a fallaway slam with fans booing Page. Moxley countered a springboard move by Hangman with a clothesline. They battled on the apron with Page lifting up Moxley and sending him face first into the turnbuckle…or something close to it. They went to a picture-in-picture break.


Page was in control with an Avalanche Death Valley Driver meaning he did it off the top rope for a two count. Page was yelling at Moxley to stay down, but Moxley hit him with a Cutter. They did the “stand and exchange strikes” spot that most AEW matches have when they go over ten minutes. Moxley kicked Page in the ribs repeatedly followed by a sleeper, but Page hit a backdrop suplex. Moxley no sold that suplex leading to a German Suplex. Moxley hit a front superplex while standing on the middle rope. Moxley went for the Bulldog Choke, but Page got out of it and Moxley stomped on the head repeatedly. Moxley went for an armbar, but Page got his foot on the bottom rope to break it. Page gave Moxley a back body drop over the top to the floor. Page went up with a moonsault onto the floor, but Moxley moved and hit a clothesline on the floor. They fought by the ringside table with clotheslines for each and Page hit a Popup Powerbomb that drove Moxley through the table. DQ? Nope. It’s part of the match apparently. I’m fine with it at this point because we have seen it a few time. When Moxley got back into the ring, Page hit him with the Deadeye slam for a two count. The fans were booing Page as he went for a Stomp, but Moxley avoided it and Moxley hit a King Kong Lariat aka a running clothesline. They did another forearm exchange spot, superkick by Page and Page hit a small package driver for a two count. Cool move. Page went for the Buckshot, Moxley countered it and Page hit a Tombstone piledriver. Page hit a Buckshot Lariat, you could see Moxley watching the referee’s count and Moxley kicked out before three. Page went for a Bulldog Choke, Moxley got to his side and Moxley trapped the head for the pinfall win after 18 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jon Moxley

Analysis: ****1/4 This match was outstanding with Moxley bleeding early on (as usual) and a lot of hard-hitting action throughout the match. It’s very rare to see somebody kick out a Buckshot Lariat, but I guess they are okay with doing it since Moxley is a main event guy. Moxley got the win back after losing to Page the last time they had a match. The physicality helped tell the story in this match with a hot crowd that was really into it. These guys are great as they continue to have awesome matches together.

After the match, Hangman was upset about the loss and got in Moxley’s face. Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta showed up to support Moxley to keep them from fighting more. Page did a double middle finger salute to Moxley.

Analysis: I think it was a way to have Page be angry about how he came close to winning a few times, but Moxley won on a counter move. Maybe we’ll see it again.

A video aired about the TNT Title match that is No Holds Barred with Darby Allin facing Samoa Joe. They agreed there will be no rematch.


They showed The Bunny, The Butcher and The Blade standing by with Renee Paquette and AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter. The Bunny challenged Hayter to a match next week and Hayter agreed. They also showed Saraya and Toni Storm beating up Britt Baker, so Hayter left to help Britt.

Analysis: Good for The Bunny, who is one of my favorites because she is from my hometown. They need to use her as a wrestler more. Saraya and Toni doing the mean girls thing against Britt to further that story.

The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) (w/Billy Gunn) vs. Two Guys With No Chance

The Acclaimed are the AEW Tag Team Champions in this non-title match. Max did a rap on his way to the ring calling their opponents the “Bootleg Beverly Brothers.” The opponents mocked the scissor thing leading to boos. They knocked one guy out of the ring, Caster with a body slam and Bowens with a leg drop to the gut that’s almost like a low blow. Gunn went into the ring for a scissor party. Bowens with The Arrival slam and Caster hit the Mic Drop elbow off the top for the pinfall win in less than two minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Acclaimed

Analysis: 1/2* A squash match to put over the champions.

The Gunns duo of Austin & Colten Gunn confronted The Acclaimed in the ring. Colten said they wanted a shot at those AEW Tag Team Titles. Bowens called them “Rod & Tod looking asses” with Bowens saying they are the most popular tag team in wrestling, the winningest team in AEW and everyone loves The Acclaimed. Bowens asked the people if they want to see the match with the fans booing The Ass Boys deserving a shot at the titles. Bowens told them no. Billy said he’s sick of this and left. Austin said he’s doing what he did their entire childhood by turning his back on them. Austin told Billy to drown his sorrows in the bottom of a pill bottle. Ouch. Billy back in the ring to get in Austin and Colten’s faces. Billy said they just made the biggest mistake of their lives as the microphone went off. Billy got a new microphone. Billy asked them if they think they have what Billy had. Billy said they’ve got what they want – a title match next week. The Acclaimed weren’t thrilled about it.

Analysis: It could be interesting if they opt to do something surprising by having Billy turn on The Acclaimed to help The Gunns win the titles and that would make Billy a huge heel. Then again, The Acclaimed winning is certainly fine with me too. I just think Billy making the match and then turning on The Acclaimed next week is a possibility.

There was an interview with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry talking to Alex Marvez. Jack said he had a lot of fun tagging with Hook, but this year he will be a champion again and he’ll do it all by himself.

Analysis: I am all for that because Jack Perry is fun to watch and easy to root for.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Brian Cage (w/Prince Nana)

Takeshita hit a leaping clothesline. Takeshita kicked Cage off the apron to the floor. Takeshita jumped over the top onto Cage on the floor. Cage got a hold of Takeshita on the floor leading to a Powerbomb-like move into the ring post. Back in the ring, Cage with a running kick. Takeshita with strikes, Cage with a knee lift and Takeshita hit a Blue Thunder Bomb. Takeshita went for a running knee, Cage moved and Takeshita bumped over the top to the floor. Cage suplexed Takeshita off the apron and into the ring.


Takeshita was on offense with a jumping knee followed by a move off the middle ropes. Takeshita with a clothesline along with a stalling German Suplex for two. Cage caught a charging Takeshita with a Powerbomb into the turnbuckle, but Takeshita countered a move with a Ligerbomb for two. They exchanged strikes, Cage with a backdrop driver and a discus lariat for two. Takeshita countered a move with a brainbuster that Cage no sold, so Takeshita did it again with another brainbuster for a two count. Cage with a kick to the gut, then a slam off the shoulders and Cage set up Takeshita on the ropes. Takeshita countered a move with a superplex followed by a running knee by Takeshita for the pinfall win after about ten minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Konosuke Takeshita

Analysis: ***1/2 It was a very good match with Takeshita getting a much-needed win while Cage tends to lose TV matches unless it’s against an obvious opponent that he should beat. Takeshita has lost to some big names in AEW, so he needs to win matches like this. Cage hit a bunch of power moves throughout the match, but Takeshita showed a lot of fire in coming back.

The Jericho Appreciation Society was interviewed by Renee Paquette with Chris Jericho talking about Ricky Starks wanting another match. Sammy Guevara suggested the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet. Daniel Garcia said that Ricky Starks has to beat Angelo Parker, Matt Menard and either Daniel Garcia or Sammy Guevara – he’ll know the night of the match. Jericho said if Ricky Starks can get through that gauntlet then he’ll kick Ricky’s ass.

It was Bryan Danielson facing Timothy Thatcher up next.


The Elite were at a basketball court for a promo about how they will defend the Trios Tag Team Titles against Top Flight and AR Fox. Good job by Nick Jackson hitting a jumper. Ethan Page, Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy and Stokely Hathaway interrupted. Page challenged The Elite to a match at the Rampage and it was accepted.

Analysis: The Elite accepted the match, so The Elite get to win an easy match on Rampage.

Bryan Danielson vs. Timothy Thatcher

Bryan Danielson has a 5-0 record in 2023. This is Thatcher’s AEW debut. Bryan had tape on his left shoulder to sell the attack from last week. They showed some NOAH clips of Thatcher using the fujiwara armbar submission. The story is if Bryan loses then he doesn’t get an AEW World Title match against MJF at Revolution.

Thatcher went for an armbar takedown, but Bryan got to the ropes to break it. Thatcher worked over Bryan with uppercut punches. Thatcher with a knee strike, then Bryan got out of a submission and Bryan did a leg whip takedown. Bryan tied up the legs leading to a stretch against the knees. Thatcher delivered knees to the ribs, but Bryan came back with kicks and a running dropkick. Thatcher with an arm wringer pulling Bryan down to the mat. Thatcher went for an armbar onto the left arm, but Bryan got his foot on the bottom rope to force a break.


Thatcher continued on offense as he worked over Bryan’s left arm some more. Thatcher set up Bryan on the turnbuckle for a suplex, but Bryan fought out of it with some light punches to the ribs and a headbutt. Bryan with a headbutt knocking Thatcher down from the turnbuckle followed by a missile dropkick. Thatcher came back with uppercuts, Bryan fired back with kicks to the body, Thatcher blocked a kick attempt and Bryan did a backslide counter for a two count. Bryan came back with a roundhouse kick to the head. Bryan went for a submission move, but Thatcher drove Bryan into the referee against the turnbuckle. Thatcher slammed Bryan down. Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the AEW World Champion, made his way down to the ring with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Konosuke Takeshita showed up at ringside to attack MJF to prevent a cheap attack. Thatcher applied the fujiwara armbar on the left arm while the referee was back up and Bryan got to the bottom rope to break it. Thatcher with a belly-to-belly throw across the ring. Bryan came back with a German Suplex, then Bryan hit a running Busaiko knee for the pinfall win after 14 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Bryan Danielson

Analysis: ***1/4 It was the usual very good match from Bryan Danielson against a quality opponent in Thatcher. I doubt any sane person watching this show thought that Thatcher had a chance in winning. As a story, it worked because Thatcher was relentless as he worked over Bryan’s left arm throughout the match. I like how Bryan slowly weakened him throughout the match leading to the running knee for the win.

They showed MJF fighting with Takeshita in the backstage area. MJF threw a chair and a garbage can at him. The fight continued in the backstage area with security and officials there to break it up. Renee Paquette announced, per Tony Khan, that Konosuke Takeshita will face MJF in an Eliminator Match with Takeshita getting a World Title match if MJF loses. MJF screamed that wasn’t fair. The announcers argued about it. Taz said it wasn’t fair to MJF, Schiavone thought it was great and Taz called Tony S a kick ass. That was funny…as well as true.

Analysis: A rare TV match for MJF. Since Takeshita got involved in this story last week and it continued this week, it makes sense to do the match. MJF should get the win there.

Swerve Strickland and friends did a promo about his issues with Dustin Rhodes and mentioned facing Brian Pillman Jr. this Friday on Rampage.

The TBS Title match was up next.


It was announced that Bryan Danielson will face Rush next week.

Excalibur said Renee was going to talk to MJF, but that didn’t happen. They showed an interview with Rush, Preston Vance & Jose The Assistant talking to Lexy Nair. MJF was shown walking into the room with a briefcase full of money. MJF said that the first briefcase is free and if Rush beats Bryan Danielson then he can have five more. MJF wanted Rush to rip Bryan’s arm off and beat him over the head with it. Rush spoke in Spanish, MJF called “dipshit” Jose to translate and Jose said that they have a deal. MJF said that Rush said more than that. Anyway, MJF was happy with it and left.

Analysis: I think that was from earlier in the day, but I’m not sure. As I said, Excalibur said it was Renee interviewing MJF. It was not that at all. Production error there.

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill vs. Red Velvet

Jade is 49-0 in AEW while Velvet got no reaction. Velvet attacked from behind right away, then Velvet sent Jade out of the ring and Velvet hit a running kick. Velvet chopped Jade while on the floor. Back in the ring, Jade caught Red and gave her a suplex for a two count. Jade with a body slam and elbow.


Jade tossed Velvet across the ring. Red got some offense with a dropkick, then double knees that Jade didn’t sell very well, Velvet with kicks and Jade hit a pump kick. Kiera Hogan showed up to send Leyla Grey into the steel steps. Velvet hit a spinning kick to the head while the referee was looking at Hogan on the floor and the referee was slow to count the pin. It got a two count. Velvet with an short arm scissor submission, but Jade powered out of that. Jade hit the Jaded slam for the pinfall win. It went seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jade Cargill

Analysis: *3/4 It was the usual dominant win by Cargill. Velvet had one spot in the match where it looked like she might win, but of course, Cargill kept the title. It sucks that there’s only one women’s match every week on Dynamite and they only got four minutes not counting the commercial.

Jade is 50-0 with a graphic shown to celebrate the number. Jade got her daughter from ringside and carried her to the back.

Britt Baker was interviewed in the trainer’s room by Renee Paquette with Jamie Hayter standing by. Ruby Soho asked if Britt was good with Britt said that they were Ruby’s girls. Britt said she was fine while Britt

There was a rundown of what’s coming up on Rampage this Friday and next week on Dynamite. Rampage is taped after Dynamite.

The TNT Championship between champion Darby Allin and Samoa Joe was up next.


They showed ring announcer Justin Roberts announcing that the main event is a No Holds Barred Match for the TNT Championship.

Samoa Joe made his entrance as the ROH TV Champion. Joe is 14-2 in his AEW career. One of those losses was when he lost the TNT Title to Allin on the January 4th edition of Dynamite. Darby Allin was up next wearing a jacket that had thumbtacks on it. No sign of Uncle Sting this week. If I was as old as him I wouldn’t go to my one-day-per-week job either.

No Holds Barred TNT Championship: Darby Allin vs. Samoa Joe

It is No Holds Barred with the rules stating you have to win by pinfall in the ring or by submission in the ring.

Allin attacked with the barbed wire jacket, but Joe punched him and stopped that. Joe put a towel on his hand to hit Allin more. Joe sent the jacket out of the ring. Joe grabbed a table from under the ring and Allin hit a suicide dive into the table, which hit Joe in the eye. Joe was bleeding above his right away. That was a legit cut on Joe’s face I think. Allin tried using the steps, so Allin sent Allin over the steps and barricade into the crowd. Tony Schiavone did his usual kiss ass announcing about how great of a show it is, which he does every week. Joe tossed Allin over railing while they were fighting on the steps in the crowd. They went to a picture-in-picture break.


They were back in the ring with Joe hitting back elbow to the head. Joe’s cut above his right eyebrow wasn’t that bad now. Joe did some neck twisting on the neck. Allin came back with slaps to the head, then he charged and Joe hit an STO slam for two. Joe chopped Allin to the apron followed by a running kick that sent Allin crashing to the floor. Joe set up a table against the barricade at ringside. Allin with a jawbreaker, Allin with chops and Joe launched him over the top rope to the floor! Allin got back in the ring, so Joe dropped him with a brainbuster. Joe brought three chairs into the ring. Joe set up two chairs back to back leading to Joe delivering a backdrop driver onto the edge of the chairs! That was great unless it’s your back hitting the chairs. Allin got some powder that he used to throw in Joe’s eyes and Allin hit a Code Red for two. Allin hit a flipping Stunner. Allin put his thumbtack jacket on a bit because he couldn’t get the sleeves on and Allin hit a Coffin Drop off the ropes for a two count. Allin got a blade to cut the ropes connecting the ring apron on two sides of the building. Allin pulled the ring apron up and pulled some of the padding off to expose the word boards. Allin charged at Joe with a dive on the floor, Joe walked away and Allin went through the table. Joe gave Allin a Powerbomb onto the thumbtack jacket. Allin put his thumbs into Joe’s eyes leading to Joe selling that because he had blood all over his forehead. Allin hit Joe with a steel chair to the body. Joe shoved the referee into the ropes while Allin was on the top rope. Joe picked up Allin and Joe gave Allin a Muscle Buster off the top onto the exposed wood. Joe pinned Allin for the pinfall win after about 16 minutes. Samoa Joe is now a two-time TNT Champion.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW TNT Champion: Samoa Joe

Analysis: **** A great brawling match with Allin taking a beating as usual because that guy loves putting his body on the line no matter the opponent. Joe kicked his ass by using a lot of weapons including the table on the floor and the exposed wood in the ring, which was caused by Allin exposing the wood, so it backfired against Allin. It’s a bit of a surprise that they would do a title change just one month after Allin won the title, but since they don’t have short title reigns for the main AEW World Title, I guess they can do shorter title reigns for this title. This match really put over Joe as a huge threat against anybody he wrestles. That finish with the Muscle Buster onto the exposed wood was a clever way to end it.

Samoa Joe celebrated with the TNT Title. Wardlow showed up by the entrance area and he tackled Joe in the ring followed by punches. Wardlow teased a Powerbomb, but Joe left the ring. There were security guys that went after Wardlow, so Wardlow beat them up easily. Joe left with the TNT & ROH TV Titles in his hands again. Wardlow gave a security guy a Powerbomb over the top onto a pile of guys on the floor. End show.

Analysis: A happy ending to the show after the heel Samoa Joe regained the TNT Title and had to deal with Wardlow looking for revenge.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Samoa Joe aka Joey The Samoan
  2. Jon Moxley
  3. Darby Allin/Adam Page

The Scoreboard

This Week: 8.5 out of 10

Last Week: 7.5

2023 Average: 8.1

Final Thoughts

It was an excellent show. Two matches going four stars (meaning they were great) and above tells you what I think about it. The Moxley-Hangman match was very physical (of course Moxley was bleeding) with Moxley using a counter move to win. I don’t think that rivalry is done. The main event No Holds Barred match with Joey the Samoan beating Allin to regain the TNT Title was awesome. Terrific finish with a Muscle Buster onto the exposed wood.

There were other good matches too and in typical AEW fashion, it was a wrestling-heavy show. Good to see Konosuke Takeshita picking up a much-needed TV win while Bryan Danielson continued his winning ways. The lone women’s match was an easy win for Jade Cargill to go 50-0 as the TBS Champion.

They advanced some stories well while setting up matches for Rampage as well as Dynamite next week. I like how they set up MJF-Takeshita for next week.

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