Jon Moxley Talks Using “Wild Thing” As Entrance Music

jon moxley aew champion

Jon Moxley has explained why he was given “Wild Thing” as his entrance song for when he competes in the AEW ring.

When Jon Moxley started in AEW in the spring of 2019, his theme song was called “Unscripted Violence” which was a fast-paced rock beat that fit the kind of wrestler that Moxley is.

In May 2021, the three-time AEW World Champion Moxley switched to a famous song called “Wild Thing” which was popularized by the movie Major League by a character named Ricky Vaughn (played by Charlie Sheen).

As AEW fans know, when Moxley enters the arena for a match or a promo, he usually does so by making his entrance from the back part of the arena and walking towards the ring full of energy. It is the Jon Moxley way of getting himself fired up for his match.

During an interview on The Justin Kinner Show, Moxley talked about his entrance music.

“None of that was my idea. A guy named Atsushi Onita, who’s a legendary death match Japanese wrestler, a lot of people compare me to him, he stole that from ‘Major League’ in the 90s, and he made it his, and he was known for it. Somehow it became my music, but I didn’t know until I was coming out. Tony Khan decided it would be cool. But I had imposter syndrome with it at first. Like ‘Oh, this is not mine. This is Charlie Sheen’s music and Onita’s music.’ I felt weird about it.”

Jon Moxley continued by noting that AEW fans loved Wild Thing for his entrance, so he decided to keep it.

“But the fans liked it. So I tried it on for a while. Once I got used to it, after the pandemic ended and we started getting whole crowds again of arenas going nuts, fans got into it. Ultimately, it’s all about the fans. If the fans like it, I like it. I started getting used to it, and now it feels like my song. I’ve appropriated it for myself.”

If you haven’t seen it in a while or if you have never seen it all, the Major League entrance of Ricky Vaughn can be seen below.

H/T WrestlingInc