Jon Moxley Reveals If He Would Have Left WWE Even If There Was No AEW

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Jon Moxley has discussed his WWE departure while also commenting on whether he would have left the sports entertainment giant even if there was no AEW at the time.

The WWE departure of Dean Ambrose was a unique one. In January 2019, WWE posted on its website (and it’s still there now) that Ambrose “will not be renewing his contract with WWE when it expires in April.” Ambrose debuted on the main roster in November 2012, so he was on the main roster for over six years.

During that WWE run as Dean Ambrose, the man we know now as Jon Moxley did it all as a former WWE Champion who also held secondary titles and was one-third of The Shield group with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. They are arguably the greatest group in WWE history especially when you consider how successful all three men have been as singles wrestlers.

As the Dean Ambrose run wrapped up, WWE did multiple reunions featuring The Shield trio including a WWE Network special as a final goodbye.

At the May 2019 AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view, Moxley made his All Elite debut by attacking Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho after their main event match.

According to Moxley in an interview with The Messenger, he believes he would have been gone from WWE whether AEW existed or not.

“The timing of it was crazy. I was gone one way or another. I was going to give it all up. I didn’t give a f— if I was never on TV again. I’d go wrestle in a f—ing mask in Mexico in a parking lot if it means having fun again.”

Departing WWE was like “getting a release from jail” for Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley continued to explain why he felt he had to get out of WWE at that point.

“I hate speaking in the third person because it feels so f—ing pretentious, but speaking from a character standpoint, it just makes it easier. But it was like as Jon Moxley was getting his release date from jail and walking into the world again, it just happened to be when AEW was starting.”

“If there was no AEW, I think I’d be doing the exact same thing, just in a bunch of other places.”

“You’d probably see me in f—in’ Japan or Revolver, places like that. It probably wouldn’t be that much different.”

It has been over one month since Moxley wrestled in AEW because of a serious concussion he suffered. He has been cleared for contact again, so she should be back in the ring soon.