Jon Moxley Wants Better Safety Measures To Protect Wrestlers

jon moxley aew dynamtie yell

Following a concussion suffered during a match, Jon Moxley has discussed how pro wrestling can become safer for its performers.

The last time that Jon Moxley had a match in an AEW ring was on the September 20th episode of AEW Dynamite when he defended the AEW International Title against Rey Fenix. In that match, Fenix hit Moxley with an accidental knee to the head in the first 30 seconds and Moxley was out of it.

They would go on to wrestle for another ten minutes with Moxley calling for Fenix to pin him just so the match could stop. Fenix ended up doing two sitout Tombstone piledrivers on Moxley. The first time Fenix tried to pin him, the referee stopped the count while Moxley didn’t kick out. The second time, Moxley didn’t kick out and this time the referee counted, so Fenix became the champion.

That was over a month ago. Moxley has since gotten physical on AEW television as of last week’s episode of AEW Collision, but he hasn’t had a match since suffering that concussion.

In an interview with The Messenger, Moxley admits that talking about head injuries like concussions is a touchy subject.

“In pro wrestling, it’s a really touchy subject. Somebody’s gotta f—ing bring it up.”

“Pro wrestling is such a strange thing. In football, if a guy goes down and he doesn’t go back to the huddle, you know he’s f—ed up. In pro wrestling, a lot of times it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake.”

Jon Moxley has an idea on how to help wrestlers who may be knocked out during a match

Rather than just talk about, Moxley feels like he has a system that could help wrestlers in a match.

“Maybe a really experienced wrestler and a really experienced doctor, who are trained to see signs of that sh–, are watching it on a separate feed. Even if they have a doctor close to ringside, what if the guy f—ing spills outside the ring? He doesn’t see that.”

“The doctor and wrestler are completely untethered to the creative portion of it. They have no idea nor any interest in what the story is, who wins, who loses or how long it’s supposed to go.”

Jon Moxley said that a wrestler would need to watch with the doctor to explain to the doctor if a wrestler was just selling a move.

In Moxley’s opinion, if a wrestler is knocked out then the match should be stopped right there.

“As soon as the doctor sees a sign of somebody being concussed, he just hits the f—ing red button. Boom, this is over. No matter how much time is left. No matter if it’s on live TV. It’s just over, and you figure it out from there.”

It’s not known when Moxley will wrestle again in an AEW ring, but he is cleared for contact again, so it should be soon.