Jon Moxley Behind One Of AEW’s Most Successful Signings

Jon Moxley AEW

Signings in the wrestling business can come from all manner of situations but one major name in AEW has revealed Jon Moxley was behind them becoming All Elite.

By the spring of 2019, Jon Moxley had grown more than tired of his direction in WWE and left the company when his company ended in April of that year. It wasn’t long until Moxley made his future plans known as he debuted for AEW at the end of the first-ever Double Or Nothing pay-per-view, taking out Kenny Omega and starting one of the company’s biggest feuds.

Moxley has been the AEW World Champion three times as well as the International Champion and is widely seen as the man the company turns to in a crisis. It’s perhaps no wonder then that Moxley has now been revealed as the man who lit the spark underneath one of Tony Khan’s most successful signings.

Jon Moxley Urged Christian Cage To Speak To AEW

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Christian Cage revealed that he had no thoughts about joining AEW or even talking to Tony Khan until a conversation with Jon Moxley changed his mind:

I think we were back and forth a little bit and we never got as far as numbers or anything like that. I think it was more like scheduling stuff like what I was willing to do. I think we were trying to get some traction there. A friend of mine, Jon Moxley, called me and we were talking and when he found out that I wasn’t signed he was blown away by that.

He said you should have a conversation with Tony Khan. I was like, I don’t know. And he said, ‘Well, you’re actually an idiot if you don’t, you hold all the cards here.’ He said ‘you have the ability to pick where you refinish your career. You should at least have a conversation don’t you think?’ I said ‘if Tony wants to talk to me then I would love to have a conversation with him.

That very same day, Cage revealed he heard from Tony Khan and it didn’t even take a full phone call for Cage to know he was heading to AEW:

It was that day, it was a Wednesday, they were doing TV that day. When their show was on I got a text from Tony saying ‘Hey, how are you?’ I said ‘I’m great, how are you?’ He said ‘should we talk?’ I said ‘I think we should.’ So he called me the next day and we talked on the phone for almost 3 hours.

Halfway through that call I knew that AEW was the place for me. So that’s basically how it all came to fruition was through that one phone call and then we talked one other time later in the week and that was it.

During Cage’s time in AEW, he has held the TNT Championship twice and is widely regarded as doing the best work of his career as the loathed father of his Patriarchy.