Jon Moxley Claims AEW Tournament More Challenging Than G1

Jon Moxley NJPW

Jon Moxley is part of the AEW Continental Classic and has been part of the G1 Climax in NJPW but why is AEW’s tournament more of a challenge?

Jon Moxley was a man on a mission in 2019 as he left WWE and his days as Dean Ambrose behind him and embarked on a new challenge in AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Moxley debuted for AEW at Double Or Nothing in 2019 but he first wrestled for NJPW in his post-WWE life.

Jon Moxley captured the IWGP US Championship on the 5th of June 2019 before he competed for the first time in AEW less than four weeks later. Two weeks after that, he was back in NJPW as part of the G1 Climax tournament where he finished on 10 points in Block B, two behind Block winner Jay White.

Now Moxley is in AEW’s Continental Classic and has already put points on the board in the Gold League after defeating Mark Briscoe. The G1 is thought of as the most prestigious annual tournament in pro wrestling but Jon Moxley has explained why AEW’s attempt at a round-robin competition is perhaps more of a challenge.

Jon Moxley Says TV Makes AEW Tournament A Challenge

Speaking to Liam Crowley for Comic Book, Jon Moxley explained why the format of American TV wrestling makes a tournament like the Continental Classic more of a challenge than the Japanese tradition of holding the G1 Climax on consecutive live events:

It’s a completely different product, a completely different business plan, a completely different universe over there, comparing New Japan and American television.

You’re not encumbered by commercial breaks. There’s more shows right in a row. You’re not at the mercy of a television schedule or anything. It is a little bit more of a challenge to do it on the television format as opposed to just once the G1 is going, it’s just going and you’re in.

Jon Moxley urged AEW to remember its roots amid some suggestion one star has left the company because they felt AEW was turning into NJPW.