Outgoing AEW Star Has Expressed Frustrations

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QT Marshall has reportedly expressed frustrations over his time in AEW.

On November 28th, QT Marshall announced that he would be leaving AEW at the end of 2023. The star thanked the company and Tony Khan for his career in the company, noting that he had worn a “myriad of hats” over the years. This included being a VP, Manager of Talent Relations, and writing over 750 formats.

Since he made the announcement, many stars have expressed their admiration for the work Marshall had done in AEW both in the ring and behind the scenes. Now, it appears that the leader of QTV has stardom in his sights.

During the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer addressed the departure, noting that Marshall has “expressed his frustrations.”

“I will say that I have heard from many, many people, some of whom did not know that this was happening, and most of whom did. So it was not a secret. I mean, some have known for weeks, some have known for months, people have talked to him. He’s expressed his frustrations, there have been things that have happened.”

Meltzer says that Marshall’s close friendship with Cody Rhodes would lead many to think the star could be leaving AEW to head to WWE. Wherever he lands, Meltzer believes Marshall’s main goal is to be a wrestling star, something that was unlikely to happen in AEW.

“He had a very well-paying job, he was vice president of creative and talent. He was no longer doing the formats, but he did those for years. I think that there’s a lot of things that had been said, but one thing with QT is that he wants to be a wrestling star. It wasn’t going to happen in AEW, I know, he expressed frustration to a lot of people about that. He’s had good matches, but he’s not been positioned to be a wrestling star there.

“I don’t know where he could go where we, you know, it’s not only there’s a lot of places to go, but he’s 38 years old. You only got one chance, and if you really want to be a wrestling star – I mean, you can go to AAA, but there’s not a lot of money there. He’s figured into AAA in a big way. Him and Sam Adonis are figured to be a big top tag team there. But if that’s going to continue or not, if he’s gonna go to WWE, time will tell.

“I could say that of everyone that I heard from, not one had anything bad to say about QT, and most were sympathetic towards him…So, a lot of talent tweeted, but a lot of talent privately [are] very supportive of QT and understanding his position. Time will tell where he goes, but I know, AAA, he’s got a home there if he wants it, and WWE with Cody.

“I’d be shocked if there wasn’t at least a push from the Cody standpoint, to get him there. But whether that happens or not, and he has that thing. Usually when people quit, they have it, but I don’t know that. I don’t know this when people have said to me that they don’t know that’s necessarily the case. But yeah, sure, lots of people are gonna figure that.”

QT Marshall Believes AEW Is Becoming Like NJPW

One line in QT Marshall’s resignation announcement that caught people’s eye said that he feels the company is “heading in a different direction” to where it started in 2019.

According to Nick Hausman of Haus of Wrestling, he was alluding to the product becoming more “focussed on matches than storytelling,” something more akin to New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is known for its sports-based presentation. When asked why AEW would be going that way, a source told Hausman “TK has always liked that style.”

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