Johnny Knoxville Goes Undercover To Restart Sami Zayn Rivalry

Johnny Knoxville hits Sami Zayn with stop sign

Johnny Knoxville wants to inflict more punishment on Sami Zayn.

Early 2022 saw Sami Zayn and Johnny Knoxville embroiled in one of the most bizarre feuds in WWE history. The rivalry saw the Jackass star enter the Royal Rumble, and attempt to humiliate Zayn at every turn.

The bickering finally came to a head at WrestleMania 38 where the pair met in a surreal Anything Goes Match. Knoxville called on his Jackass buddies and utilised a giant hand, a bowling ball, and even a mouse trap to eventually get an unlikely win.

While the issues between the pair seemed over, Johnny Knoxville recently tried to reignite the animosity, saying he’d love to smash Zayn’s face again in a new interview.

“Sami Zayn, I would love to smash your face in again. I know he’s a ‘good guy’ now. Everyone says ‘he’s a good guy.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, please’.

He’s not much of a challenge. I don’t know if you saw WrestleMania, but it wasn’t much of a challenge.”

Johnny Knoxville Targets Sami Zayn During Netflix Special

In a bizarre new twist to the seemingly never-ending saga, Knoxville went undercover to watch Zayn perform at the Netflix Is A Joke festival. Knoxville appeared in the crowd wearing a blonde wig and a fake mustache to watch the WWE star in action.

There were also appearances from Becky Lynch and Cathy Kelly, as well as Ron Funches, Tony Hinchcliffe, and Wee Man, while Glenn Rubenstein was also in attendance.