John Oliver Roasts Vince McMahon & His Mustache

Vince McMahon John Oliver

When Vince McMahon returned to a WWE show for the first time since forcing his way back into the company at the beginning of 2023, he did not come alone, instead, McMahon brought along his very own mustache.

The mustache was described as “creepy” and resembling Gomez Addams in reports but at the WWE Hall of Fame, the world got its first glimpse of the pencil-thin caterpillar now adorning Vince McMahon’s upper lip.

When WWE announced its deal to be acquired by Endeavor and merged into a new company with UFC, McMahon and his new look were front and centre on CNBC as he discussed the sale with Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel. The mustache did not go unnoticed by comedian John Oliver on his Last Week Tonight show.

After referring to McMahon’s furry friend as “clearly an AI-generated response to the prompt ‘snake tycoon,” Oliver then offered some quickfire thoughts on McMahon’s facial hair of choice:

“He looks like the answer to the question ‘What if Salvador Dali chose to live without imagination,'” Oliver said. “He looks like he’s about to challenge someone to a balloon race around the world. He looks like Vincent Price having an allergic reaction to being stung by bees. He looks like a circus owner from the 1930s who harasses the dancers, mistreats the animals for fun, and is eventually murdered by a lion while the whole town cheers. And sadly, that is my time.”

In 2019, John Oliver – who once portrayed Professor Ian Duncan in Community – took WWE and Vince McMahon to task over the treatment of wrestlers, highlighting the early death rate that has plagued the wrestling industry.