John Laurinaitis Removed From Autograph Signing Due To Negative Response From Fans

john laurinaitis wwe red suit

John Laurinaitis will not be appearing at a popular autograph signing event due to negative reactions from wrestling fans.

It was announced earlier this week that John Laurinaitis was going to appear at Wrestlecon, but apparently that’s not going to happen now based on fan reaction to the news.

Laurinaitis was going to appear at the Wrestlecon autograph signing that will take place in Los Angeles during WrestleMania weekend in late March, early April.

Here’s the announcement from Bobby Fulton of Big Time Collectibles.

“Yesterday we announced John Laurinaitis would be doing an appearance with Big Time Collectibles. Upon announcement we received only negative feedback. After much consideration we have decided to not work with him. We apologize to those that were offended by us working with him.”

The reason that fans may feel negative towards Laurinaitis is because of all of the negative press that he received in the summer of 2022 when the wrestling landscape changed. That’s because Vince McMahon was under investigation by WWE’s Board of Directors for alleged ‘hush money’ payments made as a result of alleged sexual misconduct. In addition to that, John Laurinaitis was involved in the hush money payments regarding a woman that worked for WWE that allegedly had affairs with both men.

Laurinaitis was quietly relieved of his duties as WWE’s VP of Talent Relations during the summer while McMahon retired from his position as the WWE Chairman & CEO although he does remain the majority shareholder of WWE.