John Cena Weighs In On The Rock’s Heel Turn

The Rock John Cena

John Cena has broken down why The Rock is such a huge attraction.

After returning to WWE on January 1st, The Rock appeared on the February 2nd edition of SmackDown and chaos ensued. On the show, Cody Rhodes gave up his shot at Roman Reigns to allow the Hollywood megastar to face the Tribal Chief.

However, after significant fan backlash, those plans were reversed, and The Rock turned heel. It’s been reported that the heel turn was suggested by the man himself.

Since then, The Rock has launched into an updated version of his “Hollywood Rock” character to the annoyance and delight of WWE fans.

During an appearance on the Insight podcast with Chris Van Vliet, John Cena gave his thoughts on the switch and what might come next.

“I don’t know what to think of it yet. I liked what he did back when he was Hollywood Rock. I’d have to see the end result, and I love being surprised and I also love saying I’m wrong. I’ve been wrong about a whole lot of stuff. When I say I’m wrong, that means I’m about to learn something I’m not going to forget.

I think Dwayne Johnson is such an attraction. The Rock is such an attraction. I don’t think our audience is angry with him. I think there is an underlying sense of fulfillment that they are angry that they expectations were changed. T

he metric I use, from my own path of polarization…they did a segment that was heavily disliked. The most disliked segment in WWE social history. How many WrestleMania ticket refunds did you see? Zero. The metric to look at for me is, how many people don’t want to see the show?”

John Cena Reveals Scrapped WWE Heel Turn

During the same interview, John Cena revealed he was supposed to turn heel prior to his first match with The Rock. The 16-time World Champion explained that he had a new theme song, new attitude, and new ring gear all ready to go, but plans were dropped after further discussion.

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