John Cena Makes Surprising Admission About WWE Career

John Cena

John Cena has expressed regret at one part of his WWE career.

By the time John Cena hit his WWE peak, The Rock’s full-time career had long been over. In fact, the WWE legend’s full-time in-ring career was essentially over before Cena even debuted in June 2002.

After starring in the ring, The Rock catapulted his incredible popularity into a movie career, which sees him enter 2024 as arguably the biggest star in Hollywood. Despite all but hanging up his boots the former World Champion continued to make occasional appearances, but that didn’t sit well with some sections of the WWE audience.

The Rock also preached his love of the business and love of WWE, but he was never there. Cena even expressed these feelings himself, and the thread played a large role in their on-screen feud.

During their rivalry, the pair appeared on Raw together and Cena famously highlighted that Rock had notes for his promo written on his arm.

Speaking to Logan Paul on his Impaulsive podcast, Cena admitted the comment was far from his finest hour.

The guy is going a million different directions. Probably flew in from God knows where working a full day, and I now know what that feels like, and he just wants to do the best he can. I don’t blame him for that. I blame myself for taking advantage of that.

A professional would have been like, Hey, before you go out there. If you do go out there like that. I’m going to use it. That’s a professional. I did a stupid rookie move. That’s not how we trust each other and that’s not how that works.

With regard to The Rock’s movie career and part-time WWE status, Cena admitted he was a “f*cking hypocrite” as he’s now essentially doing the same thing.

I spent years calling out The Rock saying that man, if you love the business, you should be back. What a f*cking hypocrite I am. I love the business. I should be back. I should be back all the time. But I’m not. Yesterday was Monday, why the hell wasn’t I at Raw?

John Cena Sets Stage For Final WWE Match

Speaking elsewhere, the 16-time World Champion opened up about the end of his in-ring career, which he feels will be over before he’s 50. Interestingly,
John Cena said he’d like to have his last match in London, England.

The comments should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt as Cena was appearing on a British television show at the time.

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