John Cena Reveals Where He Wants Final WWE Match

John Cena

John Cena is getting ready to close the WWE chapter of his career for good and has now revealed where he’d like his final match to take place.

John Cena has admitted he’s working on his exit strategy to finally hang up his boots as a WWE Superstar following years of dwindling appearances in the ring.

Cena was a large part of SmackDown programming in the fall of 2023 as the writer’s and actor’s strikes shut down film production in Hollywood leaving the star with some time on his hands. But as he gets older, it seems less and less likely that fans will get to see Cena compete.

John Cena Wants WWE Finale In The UK

John Cena has revealed when he wants to be finished wrestling and now has indicated where he’d want his final match to take place. Appearing on The One Show in the UK, Cena was forced to sit across from Ronan Keating but still explained why he’d want to bring the curtain down on his iconic career in London:

So I’ve gone by the construct of my life of never trying to pick my opponents because that’s way above my pay grade. But I’ve been an active advocate for London to be a host of WrestleMania and a lot of people think when I go out to the ring and say that it’s just for the local moment like ‘we wanna make the show happy.’

Fans in the UK, WWE fans are the best, and the fans in London specifically they will let you know how they feel. I don’t think I can choose my opponent but if I can choose a venue it would be The O2 in London. I hope we can make that happen.

The next time WWE is due to be at The O2 Arena in London is in April 2024 but it doesn’t look likely that that show will play host to Cena’s final match. Cena made a surprise appearance at the venue in 2023 when Money In The Bank took place there where he touted publicly his support for WrestleMania in England’s capital.

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