John Cena Addresses “Scariest Moment” In WWE Career

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John Cena has been through a lot in his WWE career, but he was able to name what he called the scariest moment of his career.

No matter who you are in WWE and how far you make it in the company, there are always going to be tough times where you have to dig deep to find the right thing that gets you to the top.

In John Cena‘s case, he started as a generic babyface wrestler in the summer of 2002 that was put in big matches with top guys like Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho, but he quickly lost momentum and wasn’t going anywhere.

As the story goes, Cena was rapping on a bus on a WWE European tour, it caught the attention of the right people, and the next thing you know he was dressed as rapper Vanilla Ice on the Halloween edition of Smackdown in 2002. From there, Cena continued the rapper gimmick, about a year later he became a babyface on the rise and the rest is history.

In an interview with Sam Roberts of Notsam Wrestling, Cena recalled that time period and how he was literally told he was going to be fired, but as mentioned above, he was able to avoid that.

“So, you know, that started my career, the Ruthless Aggression Era that everyone now romanticizes, which we so often do with the past, like it was great. It sucked for me. I had no direction. I was asked to be a good guy when I got my experience as a bad guy. So I was asked to do something new. I lost my nickname, I had my real name. So, what is a John Cena? I don’t know what that is.”

“I was too stupid to realize that, like, I could use the two words ‘ruthless’ and ‘aggression’ and create a personality. I wish I could get that opportunity now, because I do a lot more with it. But I squandered it.”

“And in doing so, justifiably, so they started me with Kurt Angle, and then put me in a few matches with Chris Jericho, they gave me an opportunity, plenty of opportunity, there’s my miss. And then I’m working, you know, Velocity, matches have no story or very little narrative, because they just need content. That’s where you go to go on to your next endeavor.”

“And I was told, like, ‘They make a winter and spring cuts and yeah, you’re gonna be in the winter round, just letting you know.’ Then the European tour in the fall saved me. So that’s my, that’s my scariest moment.”

During his incredible WWE career, John Cena won a record-tying 16 WWE World Titles and is considered by most people to be one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.

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