John Cena Claims Former Rival Is Most Underrated Star In History

John Cena

John Cena has named a former WWE Champion as the most underrated star in wrestling history.

Over the course of his 23-year WWE career, John Cena had storied rivalries with some of the biggest stars in pro wrestling. These ranged from Batista and Edge to The Great One himself, The Rock. However, there is one man Cena believes to be the most underrated of all the stars he has been in the ring with, The Miz.

As well as being one of the most decorated Intercontinental Champions of all time with eight reigns – just one short of Chris Jericho’s record – The Miz is a two-time WWE Champion. During his first reign with the top tile in the company back in 2011, Miz successfully defended the gold against Cena on the Grandest Stage Of Them All at WrestleMania 27.

In a new trailer for A&E’s WWE Legends documentary on The Miz, Cena explained that he sees his former rival as the most underrated star in history.

“He’s the most, not one of the most, the most underrated WWE superstar in the history of the business.”

Miz himself said in the post that on Day 1 he had an “immense amount of pressure” on him, but he has got through it all to reach a point where he has his own Legends biography.

“Day 1: underrated, under appreciated, and up against an immense amount of pressure and an overwhelmingly loud population of peers and public thinking I can’t do it and don’t belong.

6,521 days later we are less than one week until A&E Biography WWE Legends: The Miz.”

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