John Cena Reveals Which Match Finish He Felt Was “Unnecessary”

John Cena Reveals Which Match Finish He Felt Was

John Cena spoke about his monumental TLC match with Edge for the WWE Championship at Unforgiven in 2006 and how he initially felt that the finish for the match was “unnecessary.”

In a WWE Untold special, John Cena shed light on his approach to the match, emphasising his commitment to only performing moves he felt comfortable with. He credited his trust in Edge as a key factor in their ability to deliver one of the most memorable TLC matches in WWE history.

My philosophy on the contact nature of sports entertainment is that we’re in control. If you feel you can’t do something, you shouldn’t do it. I have a fear of heights. Once again, I only did what I knew I could do.

Despite his trepidation, Cena pushed the boundaries of his comfort zone, executing a five-knuckle shuffle off the top of a ladder. Throughout the match, he aimed to introduce innovative variations to familiar manoeuvres, showcasing his determination to deliver an unforgettable performance. The climax of the match saw Cena execute an Attitude Adjustment on Edge from the top of a ladder, sending his opponent crashing through two tables below. Reflecting on the moment, Cena admitted feeling apprehensive about the finish deeming it “unnecessary” but proceeded with it at Edge’s insistence.

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John Cena stated that highlighting that The Rock had promo notes written on his arm during one of their heated debates on Raw was not his finest hour. Cena acknowledged that The Rock had a lot going on in his life at the time which is likely why he needed to have the notes and that he should have asked Rock if it was okay to make that comment.

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