John Cena Receives Insane Adult Film Offer

John Cena

John Cena let it all hang out in a memorable Oscars moment and now he’s received a wild offer from an adult website.

John Cena stole the show at the Oscars by appearing on the stage naked with just an envelope covering his modesty as he presented the award for Best Costume Design. Photos have now appeared revealing what John Cena was really wearing when he took to the stage with Jimmy Kimmel with the joke being Cena was meant to be recreating a famous moment when a streaker ran across the Oscars stage.

John Cena Offered Six Figures For One Hour On Webcam

The moment caught the attention of many watching and now seemingly the Vice President of adult webcam site CamSoda Daryn Parker who emailed a $500,000 offer to Cena to appear on the platform for an hour in his birthday suit:

As I write to you now, I am wearing my favorite pair of Jorts watching a compilation of your greatest WWE highlights. Tough for me to say, but I think you are as good an actor as you are a wrestler! After last night’s revealing Oscars performance, it’s clear you’re still in great shape.”

Whether it was last night or during Wrestlemania, we’re happy to help you strut your stuff. After all, there’s quite a few people that’d love to watch you strip down your iconic Jorts and see the real ‘five knuckle shuffle.’

John Cena recently admitted he’s been living a lie and that despite years of saying otherwise, people really can see him. Should he take up the six-figure offer for an hour of work then people might see more than they ever thought they would of the WWE icon.