John Cena Admits He’s Been Living A Lie

John Cena WWE

John Cena has been dishonest for decades now in WWE and beyond as he makes a shocking admission about his true visibility.

For the majority of his WWE career, John Cena embodied the spirit of three words that he wanted to be associated with – hustle, loyalty, and respect. However, to most fans of WWE and beyond, the words that will always be associated with Cena are ‘you can’t see me.’

Speaking to MTV’s Josh Horowitz, Cena joked about his iconic catchphrase and admitted all this time, he’s been living a lie, he is visible after all:

All the time. I don’t think there’s an ounce of truth in anything I’ve said. Ever. I’m living in a lie. I’m living a whole lie. I think I’m visible. I think people can see me. They can’t.

John Cena Bares All

If further proof was needed that Cena can be seen by the naked eye, he gave those attending and watching the Oscars more of an eyeful than they might have anticipated.

John Cena took to the Oscar’s stage naked, covering his modesty only with an envelope as he presented the award for Best Costume Design.

h/t Fightful