John Cena Names Movie Star Who Would Fit In Well With WWE

John Cena WWE

John Cena has named an acting co-star as somebody he thinks could do well in a WWE ring.

As a WWE legend who has crossed over into the acting world of Hollywood, John Cena has made connections with a lot of big-name actors all over the world.

There’s a new movie starring John Cena called “Ricky Stanicky” that also stars Zac Efron, who wrestling fans will know from his successful career that saw him star in “The Iron Claw” film that was about the Von Erich family that had a huge impact on professional wrestling.

When Cena went to film “Ricky Stancky” with Efron, it was right after Efron had filmed “The Iron Claw” so the two men talked about wrestling often.

While speaking to ETalk, Cena credited Efron for a great performance while also saying Efron could definitely do well in WWE if he ever wanted to try it.

“This was a very good representation of what was going on at the time, a wonderful performance by Zac. The whole crew did awesome. I thought the movie was exceptional. He’d [Efron] have a spot in WWE any day.”

As for “Ricky Stanicky,” it’s available on Prime Video and it’s number one in the US as John Cena noted on X/Twitter.

Is John Cena Going To Be At WrestleMania 40?

Next up on the WWE calendar as far as PLEs go is WrestleMania 40 on April 6 & April 7 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. While appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, John Cena made it clear that he is “free” on the day of WrestleMania 40 (perhaps both days), which could be an indication that Cena will be there in some capacity.

The last time Cena appeared on WWE television was at Crown Jewel PPV on November 4, 2023 when he lost to Solo Sikoa. Cena was decimated in the match, yet he has made it clear he plans to wrestle again, although Cena also admits that the end of his career as a wrestler is coming soon.

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