John Cena Admits Massive WWE Rivalry Showed His Stupidity

John Cena salutes crowd

John Cena thinks he was stupid for some of the things he said during one of the biggest rivalries he had in his legendary WWE career.

Over the last 20+ years, John Cena has built a legacy in WWE as one of the greatest superstars of all-time. There are many people within the company who call Cena the “greatest of all time” whenever he returns to the company.

While Cena himself is too humble to do that, it’s hard to deny the claim considering Cena is a 16-time WWE World Champion (the most all-time in the company) and a man who was featured in main event-level feuds for well over a decade.

John Cena was interviewed by legendary radio talk show host Howard Stern this week and they covered a lot of topics in the discussion. When Stern asked about The Rock, John Cena opened up about the on-screen rivalry that started in 2011 leading right into the main events of WrestleMania 28 in 2012 (a win for The Rock) and WrestleMania 29 in 2013 (Cena beating The Rock to win the WWE Title).

When Stern spoke about the rivalry, Cena admitted it was personal to him in the beginning while going on to say he regretted it.

“Oh my god, yeah. To me, it was [like], ‘I’m going to jab this guy because I have nothing to lose. I have all the leverage. My angle came from the fact that he was openly saying, ‘I love the WWE. And I was like, ‘Man, if you love it, why aren’t you here?’ What a stupid thing [of me] to say. I’m so sorry because he had a lot to lose.”

“I can sit across from you now and say I love the WWE., but Smackdown is in two days and I’m not going to be there. And now I have to eat a bunch of s**t and say, ‘F**k, I was wrong, I’m sorry.’”

John Cena Credits The Rock For Being Meticulous

As he continued, John Cena went on to praise The Rock for the way he came up with ideas for their matches.

“He is so professional and so meticulous and so we incorporated every one of his great ideas into the match. Even the very end, where I get too cocky and ended up losing.

Now I text him all the time. He will send me voice messages and he will send me texts. He truly is in a universe of his own and and now, having to try to tread in some of his wake, I see exactly how difficult some of that is—and I’m not even one hundredth of his level.”

It’s not known when John Cena will return to WWE television, but the company has announced The Rock will be back on the March 1st episode of Smackdown as the Road to WrestleMania 40 continues.