John Cena Lifts Lid On Having Creative Control In WWE

John Cena

How much creative control did John Cena have in WWE?

As a general rule in wrestling, the bigger the star the more control they have over their storylines and general presentation. This can sometimes cause chaos — see WCW in the late 1990s, or help create incredible success as seen by The Rock essentially having his own personal writer in Brian Gewirtz.

Interestingly, it’s been reported that AEW has hired Jen Pepperman to work with Mercedes Mone.

Appearing on the Howard Stern Show, John Cena discussed how much creative control he had while full-time with WWE, confirming he was unable to turn heel.

“I think it was two-fold. One, my body was like, ‘You say you can do this forever. I’m going to give you another five years, max.’ That was me saying, ‘If I super take care of myself, I can stretch it to ten.’ For me, ten years is like, ‘I’m going to live forever.’ That’s a blink of an eye in WWE. You’re on the road so much, you blink, a decade goes by. I realized it’s something that I can’t do forever, combined with the fact that I didn’t have a lot of wild creative freedom in WWE.

I had complete creative freedom over how I could curate my character, but I couldn’t turn bad. That limits what you’re capable of. Playing the same character over and over again for 15 years, every week, without an offseason, I still love it, and I still do, that’s why I go back. Then, someone gives you an opportunity like, ‘You want to be this weird, awkward, naked guy?’ ‘F*ck yeah, that sounds great, let’s do it,'”

John Cena Denies Using Steroids

During the same interview, John Cena dismissed rumours that he’s ever using performance-enhancing drugs. When questioned on the issue the sure-fire Hall of Famer focused on his love of the gym and training, comparing the experience to meditation.

More controversially, John Cena commented on the sex trafficking and sexual assault allegations made against Vince McMahon — offering support to the former WWE boss.

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