WWE Legend Denies Using Steroids

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A top WWE star is adamant they’re all natural.

Despite some early struggles, John Cena established himself as one of the biggest names the wrestling industry has ever seen. He’s held the World Championship on no less than 16 occasions and dominated WWE for more than a decade before heading off to Hollywood.

One of Cena’s trademarks was his incredible physical condition, leading some to question whether he’s had some help along the way. However, the man himself insists he’s clean — and has always been so.

Appearing on the Howard Stern Show, Cena was asked whether he was “all natural” to which he replied that he was. When it was put to the star that he could have been even bigger had he used performance enhancers, he discussed his love of training.

“There’s risk-reward there. You know, if you hit the gas pedal too early, you can get a lot of bad stuff happen long-term….I love to work out. Like you said, I know it’s important. I love it. It’s kind of like my meditation. It’s a place that I have to be present. Or else you’re gonna get hurt.

So, in being present and exerting yourself physically, I just feel less stressed when I leave. Like, I don’t worry about anything while I’m in there except what I’m doing. And then I ended up leaving calmer and in a better place. And when I walked in.”

John Cena Comes To Defence Of Former WWE Boss Vince McMahon

During the same interview, John Cena discussed the sex trafficking and sexual assault allegations made against Vince McMahon. To the surprise of many, Cena refused to condemn McMahon instead describing the situation as “super unfortunate.” The veteran instead chose to focus on his friendship with McMahon, reiterating that he “loves the guy.”

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