John Cena Expected To Appear At WWE Payback PLE

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John Cena could be making even more appearances for WWE.

Cena will be having an extended stay in the company during the autumn, being announced for nearly every episode of SmackDown in September and October. The only episode the 16-time World Champion won’t be appearing on is the September 8th episode as he will be competing in India for the first time ever at the Superstar Spectacle event.

According to Twitter account WrestleVotes, there is still at least one more Cena appearance yet to be announced. There have been rumours that the Hollywood star will be in Pittsburgh on September 2nd to provide guest host duties for the Payback Premium Live Event:

Hearing rumblings that Payback will have a special guest host this Saturday night. And his name is John Cena.

To celebrate the return of the legendary performer, WWE has also released brand-new merchandise to commemorate the return to SmackDown.

John Cena Remembers Bray Wyatt

The former World Champion was one of many names who posted a tribute on social media to Bray Wyatt, who tragically passed away at just 36 years old on Thursday, August 24th. Having shared the ring with Wyatt at multiple WrestleManias and beyond, Cena stated that he was forever grateful for all the moments they shared together.

First facing off at WrestleMania 30, Cena defeated Wyatt in a move that was criticised by some as another example of Cena winning and stunting the momentum of a rising star. All would be put right 6 years later when Wyatt challenged Cena to the cinematic “Firefly Funhouse Match.” The dissection of Cena’s career was praised highly for its creativity and uniqueness during a time when no fans were allowed in arenas.