“This Just Had No Place” – Jim Ross Recalls The Rock Slamming British Bulldog Into Dog Poop

jim ross rock british bulldog dog poop

Jim Ross sounded off on a memorable Rock Bottom that The Rock did on The British Bulldog, who ended up getting slammed into some dog poop.

A Rock Bottom onto dog poop isn’t something that is often celebrated from The Rock’s legendary wrestling career, but that’s exactly what happened on the October 11, 1999 edition of Monday Night Raw.

On a recent episode of his Grillin JR podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross did an episode about The British Bulldog, which led to a discussion about his short WWE run in 1999 that led to Bulldog having a brief feud with The Rock. The rivalry featured a memorable moment when Rock gave Bulldog the Rock Bottom onto a pile of dog poop.

“I didn’t get that. That was insulting, and it wasn’t even funny. It’s course it’s crass, just go have that great match that you know you can have. But the dog sh*t thing didn’t fit for me. It’s like can we go lower? Maybe we should take a picture of the dog actually taking the sh*t and then doing it, I don’t know. I’m being facetious obviously, that didn’t belong there.”

JR went on to say that he didn’t think The Rock needed to do something like that while saying that it had no place on the show at the time.

“It was somebody’s idea of a joke. Well, we can [do this], and let’s do this at the end, and the fans will be shocked and they’ll be surprised and they’ll get a big kick out of it. What they’re gonna get a big kick out of was a great wrestling match. At that point in time, Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock didn’t need comedy. He was comedic enough without creating a distasteful scenario where dogsh*t was allegedly utilized. This just had no place.”

You can see the clip of the Rock Bottom in the dog poop below. Jim Ross wasn’t on commentary during that match, but Michael Cole was there shouting: “Not into the dog poop! ROCK BOTTOM into the dog poop! The dog poop! The DOG POOP!!”

This was not the only time when WWE dog poo was featured in WWE programming in 1999 because the Big Boss Man and Al Snow had the infamous “Kennel in a Cell” match where dogs surrounded the ring and some of them were pooping there as well. Considering how bad that match was, perhaps some fans would have preferred being slammed into some dog food instead of watching that match.

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