Jim Ross Supports Talents Being Involved In Creative

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Jim Ross has given thoughts on the controversial practice of letting wrestlers have creative influence on their characters in wrestling.

The notion of “creative control” has been a major point of conflict in wrestling for decades. Some people believe that wrestlers are only at their best when they have full control over their characters, while others think that some wrestlers’ having full control has led to some questionable ideas.

Jim Ross, a longtime wrestling fan and an industry veteran with experience liaising between creative departments and wrestlers, thinks that there is a happy medium somewhere between both of those sides.

On an episode of his Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross explained that wrestlers should be involved in the creative process to some degree because it motivates said wrestlers more than just having them play a part or play a character that they had no part in creating.

“You get motivated talents like that, that come in, they want to express their own creativity and that may be one of the things that led her out of WWE.

You always wanna motivate your talents to come and join in their creative. If you do, they’re a lot more likely to pull it off in a big manner. It’s part of their idea, and I don’t know why you’d not want a talent to be involved in creative.”

h/t Inside The Ropes for the transcription