Jim Ross Give His Thoughts On AEW’s Latest “Good Get”

Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is a big fan of AEW’s latest signing following Roderick Strong making his shock debut for the company on Dynamite.

The system was shocked again in AEW on Dynamite as Adam Cole was in need of help and his old Undisputed ERA partner Roderick Strong was on hand to assist.

Cole was at the mercy of the Jericho Appreciation Society and despite the best efforts of both Bandido and Orange Cassidy, Jericho’s jackals maintained the upper hand. That was until former WWE star Roderick Strong surprised everyone and made his AEW debut. Tony Khan has since followed up to reveal that Strong is indeed All Elite and will be a part of the company going forward.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross discussed the acquisition of Strong and thinks it can only be considered a good signing for AEW:

“I was aware he was available, I just wasn’t aware of what he wanted to do. Get back in the game full time and invest, which he did apparently, he signed. He’s a hell of a good guy. I like him. He’s another one of those guys that you value having around your other talents and having in the locker room, at least based on my personal experience and what I’ve seen here since he joined our team.

“Good get by Tony Khan. He’s a very experienced hand, he can work with anybody, he can be a heel, he can be a babyface, and him coming in and being a support person for Adam Cole fits just perfect.”

Roderick Strong will make his in-ring debut for the company on Dynamite in Baltimore when he teams with Cole, Orange Cassidy, and Bandido to face The Jericho Appreciation Society’s Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard, and Angelo Parker.

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