Jim Ross Set For MRI Scan, AEW Future Uncertain

Jim Ross

Jim Ross is determined to keep fighting, although he’s not sure whether he’ll be back on AEW television.

Back in November, Jim Ross announced that he was taking time off from AEW as he continues treatment after overcoming skin cancer. The legendary announcer has had a number of health struggles in recent years, and in a previous update said he was dealing with diabetes and had stopped drinking alcohol.

On the most recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed he’ll soon be undergoing a precautioning MRI scan, but his blood sugar levels are slowly coming under control.

“I’m good, Connie. Feeling good. Medicals are doing good, blood sugar is coming down. Those nightly insulin shots I give myself in my fat ass stomach, I got plenty of territory hidden for that needle not to go in the same place twice. My blood sugar, which is a huge issue, that’s what’s retarding the healing of my leg, the blood sugar. So it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

So I’m getting an MRI next week to make sure that there’s no damage to the bone in my leg, just as a precaution. You know, I don’t want to deal with bone cancer, for God’s sake. We’re pretty sure that ain’t gonna be the case. So we’ll get an MRI next week just to bring that to a close,” Ross said.

“I’ll give you an example. Two weeks ago, my blood sugar was 300. That’s death material, I was told. Ignorance is bliss, sometimes. Then, three to four days ago, my blood sugar was 100. So it’s coming down. Now, it hasn’t stayed at 100. is still in the low 100s, the goal is to get it under 200 and keep it there.

“I’m good today and I might be good tomorrow. It’s just I’m not good all the time and I want to be good all the time,” he continued. “So it’s a lot of moving parts, Connie. I really do appreciate all the fans on social media. Because I read the tweets or the Xs or whatever we call them today. I really appreciate the support. It’s heartwarming, it’s heartwarming. It is meaningful.

I’m not bullsh*tting nobody. I don’t bullsh*t nobody on the show, or anywhere. Anytime else I keep from it. Sometimes my frigging mouth gets me in trouble, but it’s just being honest. So that’s where I stand. Good news on more fronts than not. The medicines that have been prescribed to me are working. Mentally, I feel like I’m back in the hunt. competitively.”

Jim Ross Has “No Idea” About AEW Future

With regard to his AEW future, Ross admitted he’s not sure what’s around the corner, but by the same token, after 50 years in the business, he’s not worried.

“I have no idea what my future is at AEW. I have no clue. To be very frank about it, I’m not worried about it, yay or nay. I mean, my work should stand on its own after 50 years, for God’s sake, I mean, seriously.

So sometimes I worry too much. I think it’s just a matter of being an alpha male and wanting to do whatever it is on my terms. I understand that’s not always possible, but I do appreciate all the feedback is is very meaningful to me.”

Speaking earlier in December, Jim Ross said his future with AEW was out of his hands.

H/t to Fightful