Jim Ross’ AEW Return Out Of His Hands

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has given a worrying update on his future in AEW as he admits his return to the announce booth won’t be up to him but rather his doctors.

Jim Ross is currently taking a break from his AEW duties as he continues to recover after treatment for skin cancer. Ross has thankfully beaten the disease but radiation treatment has caused serious burns on his legs that are worsened by travel.

Jim Ross Gives Up Drinking To Aid Recovery

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross gave fans an update on his health and said he has given up alcohol to allow his medication to work properly but noted that any return to his job is now out of his hands and down to his doctors:

My goal is to get healthy, and drinking was not working well with my meds, my diabetes medications. I’m taking a new one, so it was a conflict. It’s a conflict of interests, so to speak, because I want to get healthier, and these meds gotta work, and I was diluting their strength by drinking, so I hung it up. I haven’t had any withdrawal, I haven’t had any sleepless nights. I haven’t cheated.

I was tempted a couple nights ago, maybe it was Sunday, to go have a shot of Crown Royal, and I resisted the urge. I know that somewhere down the road, I’ll have that shot of Crown Royal, but I’m gonna do things in moderation, not like a massive 400-pound King Kong Bundy or something. But this has put a lot of weight off me. I’m losing weight, I feel healthier.

I hope to go back to work sooner than later, but I’m not sure what the doctor’s gonna say. It’s not up to me. I gotta get released to go back to work because of this wound. The diabetes, I can handle and treat that on the road. But anyway, the drinking was just something that I had to do to maximize the investment, and it is significant, of all my medicines. So that’s why I did it, and it’s working out fine.

Jim Ross recently called CM Punk’s return to WWE perfect as he wished his friend and former colleague well in his new wrestling home.

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