Jim Ross Says WWE “Haven’t Come Up With The Right Idea” To Get Steve Austin At WrestleMania

Steve Austin WWE

Jim Ross thinks that WWE may have missed the boat when it comes to using Steve Austin at WrestleMania.

Reports have been circulating for months about Stone Cold Steve Austin appearing at WrestleMania, either in a match or in some kind of other segment. However, as of this writing, there is nothing confirmed for him and the big show is less than two weeks away.

With there being so much back-and-forth surrounding Steve Austin and his role at WrestleMania, his close friend Jim Ross proposed on his Grilling JR podcast that WWE simply hasn’t come up with an idea that Austin likes.

“Well, it just tells me that they haven’t come up with the right idea that makes him happy. He hasn’t changed his philosophy. If he gets offered a spot on the card, and I think he should be booked personally, but that’s just me.

But if he’s not booked, it’s because WWE didn’t come up with an idea that he was high enough on to take the plunge again. I don’t ever see him, I can see him being booked, I can see him doing an interview. I can see him giving some Stunners and drinking some beer, but I can’t see him having another match.”

There is still the remote possibility that WWE might keep Austin’s involvement on the show a secret until the last minute. Be sure to check out TJR Wrestling for any updates on this and other pro wrestling-related stories.