Jim Ross Reveals Future With AEW

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has revealed that his future is with AEW as the WWE Hall of Famer signs a new deal with Tony Khan’s company.

Jim Ross has been part of AEW since the company was formed in 2019 lending his years of experience to the announce team. In recent months health battles have kept him off TV for the most part with Jim Ross recently revealing he was recovering from a broken hip.

But for those concerned that Jim Ross’ time in AEW could be coming to an end, he has now put those fears to rest.

Jim Ross Staying With AEW For Another Year

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, the veteran announcer revealed he has signed a new one-year contract with AEW and believes his role will be centred around the company’s pay-per-views:

We wrote a new deal. We wrote a completely new deal, no extension, new contract. It was probably the quickest and easiest negotiation I’ve ever done in my career of 50 years. That’s all because of Tony Khan’s commitment to me as a broadcaster.

He’s always been a fan of my work, which helps your cause when your boss is a fan of your work. It never hurts anything, so we got a new deal. I’ll be back to do more work. I assume it’s going to be centered around the pay-per-views, we’re adding more pay-per-views.

I think we’re down for another year, and that’s plenty. I’m happy with it. Tony Khan stepped up. Term wise, financial package wise, everything was to my liking. I was very blessed to be working with Tony on that deal, he wanted me signed. He got his man and I got my company, so it all worked out real well.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Ross’ time in AEW has been more lucrative based on his contracts than his time in WWE:

He makes more money in AEW as an announcer than he ever made in WWE. It’s a great, great deal.

Jim Ross was in the hot seat alongside Tony Schiavone and Excalibur for Sting’s final match at Revolution. Ross and Schiavone had both called The Icon’s matches back in the day for the NWA and WCW and their presence provided a fitting end for Sting’s legendary career.