Jim Ross Believes JBL’s Return Promo Was Partly Targeted At Him

Baron Corbin & JBL

Jim Ross is pretty sure that JBL’s recent promo on Monday Night Raw was targeted at him – but it also didn’t annoy him.

On the 17th October 2022 edition of Monday Night Raw, JBL headed to the ring and insulted the crowd before introducing the revised version of Baron Corbin, now not as Happy as he has been in recent months.

JBL also joined the commentary team whilst Corbin picked up a victory over Dolph Ziggler, with the insults continuing to be thrown about.

Now, in a discussion on his Grillin’ JR podcast, Jim Ross has spoken about the promo and believes that a number of the derogatory comments were aimed his way. Rather than being annoyed by it, he feels JBL did an excellent job in what he delivered.

They were in Oklahoma City on Monday night, I didn’t know that. And I started getting all these tweets and things. JBL is tearing you up tonight on TV. Well, I knew that they were not going to mention my name on television. But the connotations of where it was directed to, and maybe my pea brain, or maybe I’m wrong, but I thought that was [the idea]. So you can guarantee that my name came up when they were talking about it because well, this will p*ss JR off.

But it didn’t, JBL delivered the goods man. He did a hell of a job, he’s a great promo guy. We sing his praises here on the show on many occasions. We just had that. You know, he has that Dick Murdock like Texas allegiance. And, you know, sometimes it’s hard to take because he can be very good at what he does, and he was very good in that promo. I thought it was good.

Despite his enthusiasm for what JBL did, Good Ol’ JR isn’t so impressed with Baron Corbin and feels there’s still a missing piece to the puzzle.

How he’s gonna do it with Baron Corbin I don’t know. I think Baron Corbin is missing a piece here or there someplace I’m not sure. But maybe the answer to that missing piece is JBL. We’ll find out.

Jim Ross also recently had praise for the role William Regal plays in the AEW locker room.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.