Jim Ross Has Blunt Advice For WWE Stars After Vince McMahon’s Return

Jim Ross WWE

AEW star Jim Ross has some very straightforward advice for WWE stars who may be feeling uneasy after Vince McMahon sensationally returned.

After retiring in July 2022 from WWE, Vince McMahon began 2023 in shocking fashion as he strong-armed his way back onto WWE’s Board of Directors before being installed as the company’s Executive Chairman.

That last move came after his daughter Stephanie McMahon resigned from her role as Chairwoman and co-CEO, leaving Nick Khan as the sole CEO of the company at this time.

Now someone with more than his fair share of experience with Vince McMahon as the former WWE Head of Talent Relations, Jim Ross speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, has offered some very simple advice for WWE Superstars who may feel uneasy about McMahon’s return:

“I’m sure that the guys that work there are wondering what the hell’s going on. My advice to them is just do your job. Come to work on time, don’t be a problem child, don’t be a baby.”

“Be willing to go along with things to see how it’s gonna work out.”

There may be more unrest to come as rumours continue to swirl that the company will be sold with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund said to still be “in the hunt” to buy.

h/t WrestleTalk