Jim Ross Was Prepared For “Backlash” From Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s Engagement

Triple H Stephanie McMahon

Jim Ross has discussed finding out about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s engagement and says he was warned about it before the news was made public to prepare for some “backlash.”

Triple and Stephanie McMahon were engaged in early 2003 before marrying later that same year and going on to have three daughters together.

Their relationship got off to a much-discussed start however as Triple H was believed to still be in a relationship with his former DX partner Chyna. A situation that allegedly had a hand in Chyna’s contract not being renewed by WWE.

AEW announcer Jim Ross, who was WWE’s Head of Talent Relations at the time, has spoken on his Grilling JR podcast about how he found out about the engagement as he was prepared to face backlash as a result of it:

“Vince, because he knew I had to prepare for some level of backlash, helped me get in front of the issue and not be chasing it. We all knew who was gonna be – the biggest name was Chyna was gonna be distraught. We didn’t know how bad it was gonna be but it was pretty damn bad.

“[Chyna’s] conduct, mood, and attitude – we quickly eliminated her from consideration for another contract. Her instability or seeming instability just was too big a risk to chance.

“Vince gave me a heads up, Vince liked Hunter, a lot of us liked Hunter, I still like Hunter and I’ve known Stephanie since she was a small kid so I didn’t have any issues with it.”

Triple H is reportedly not flavour of the month with several WWE Superstars given his trimmed-down plans for WrestleMania 39.

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