Hacksaw Jim Duggan Released From Hospital

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WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan is out of hospital and on the mend.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan had the wrestling community worried on the 9th of September when his wife announced on social media that he had been taken in for emergency surgery:

“We want to thank everyone that came out yesterday as Jim was honored by the Glens Falls Firefighters Association and apologize to those that came after 3:30.

“Jim was taken to the hospital and admitted yesterday evening. he had emergency surgery this morning and everything went well. We will reschedule tomorrow in Utica, MI for a later time. We welcome your prayers and we will continue to provide updates.

“Thank you,


Thankfully, now Jim Duggan has taken to social media to announce that he is out of the hospital as he pays tribute to those who have helped him recover:

“Out of the HOSPITAL!!! Big Thanks to the doctors, nurses, and staff at the @GlensFallsHosp. You made a rough few days much easier!! Also, thanks to all of you who had a thought and a prayer for me as we went through this difficult time. Love you!”

Jim Duggan has faced health battles in recent years

The WWE Hall of Famer has not been without his health struggles in recent years as he has publicly discussed his battles with prostate cancer.

In an interview from November 2022, Duggan addressed his latest bout of the disease while sharing the happy news that he was cancer free again:

“I had my prostate taken out last October and I thought hopefully that had taken care of everything, but I got another PSA test, found out that the cancer was still in me. I was very disappointed to say the least. I was really down for a little while, but had to go back in and get radiation. I did eight weeks of radiation treatment, but came out, rang the bell. I’m cancer-free, thank the Lord.”

“Thank goodness I didn’t have to do that [chemotherapy]. Chemo is so much worse than radiation. Radiation was almost like an X-ray. You hardly felt anything, you didn’t hear anything.”

“I know it’s a terrifying deal for me and my whole family when everybody hears that, but early detection can save your life. This is my second bout with very aggressive cancers and I’m here to talk about it. So, get your physical, folks.”

Everyone at TJR Wrestling continues to send their warm wishes to Jim Duggan for a full and speedy recovery.