Jim Cornette Feels WWE Smackdown Star Is “Boring” And “Done”

wwe smackdown logo screen

In Jim Cornette’s opinion, there is at least one wrestler on the WWE Smackdown brand that is boring.

When Triple H took over the WWE creative team in July 2022 a the Chief Content Officer that was also in charge of Talent Relations, two of the first people he hired back to WWE were Karrion Kross and his wife Scarlett.

Since returning to WWE, the former NXT Champion Kross has had rivalries with the likes of Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles that end with Kross losing a match before moving on to the next wrestler to lose to.

Kross and Scarlett are often featured in backstage segments where they have tarot cards of whoever it is Kross is targeting, which is WWE’s way of setting up a match.

The entrance of Kross and Scarlette is captivating as she leads the way during their “fall and pray” song while Kross follows her into the ring. It’s truly an intimidating entrance.

Once the bell rings, there is a bit of a disconnect since Kross isn’t known for having the greatest matches while the fans sometimes barely react to him in the ring.

While speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience, legendary wrestling manager/booker/announcer Jim Cornette tried to explain what’s wrong with Smackdown’s Karrion Kross these days.

“Here’s my comment. After the entrance, Kross is f***ing done. Remember when he was interesting and it goes down to the hair I think, I don’t know why. But at one point he was interesting and seemed like something and now he looks good physically, he does s**t. It’s just it doesn’t [connect], it’s boring, what’s missing, what’s happening here? […]”

“Is it that people have heard those promos that he’s just monotone, droning on, it doesn’t connect because it’s so phony? Is it the hair that made him look not intimidating?”

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