Jim Cornette Believes Tony Khan Undermined A Major Recent AEW Debut

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette criticized AEW President Tony Khan for undermining a star’s recent AEW Dynamite debut!

Last week on AEW Dynamite, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett shocked the world when he made his AEW debut, attacking Darby Allin before cutting a promo about his family legacy and declaring he would wreak havoc on All Elite Wrestling. Soon after, Tony Khan took to social media to welcome Jarrett into the company and announce that he had been hired as the company’s Director of Business Development.

Never one to mince words, legendary manager Jim Cornette criticized Tony Khan’s handling of Jarrett’s debut. Speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience, the WWE Hall of Famer began by describing the AEW Dynamite segment in detail.

“So they’re standing there, and suddenly music plays and it’s Sting. And there’s the lights and the snow and the heels jump out in the aisle way. Of course if somebody’s coming to attack you and you’re in the ring, it’s better, you’ll get a better vantage point if you jump down in the aisle so you can’t catch them coming through the ropes and they got a fair shot. So they’re waiting in the aisle way for the appearance of Sting, and Darby Allin stands up in the ring, and from behind, into the ring comes Jeff Jarrett.

“And I’ll tell you one thing, apparently us Tennessee boys are the only ones that can do a surprise debut. Because think about this, every surprise debut that you can think of in the last 15 years has been staged off or rumoured or hinted at, or widely known, except mine and Jeff Jarrett’s. When we show up, we keep it a secret. And a lot of people out there said I wish the promotion would do too.

“But nevertheless, Jeff comes in, and Darby won’t turn around. Jeff’s winding up and Darby apparently is going to just stand there forever. So Jeff reaches out, grabs him and spins him and hits him over the head with the guitar, which apparently busted him open hardway because as he’s laying there, a pool of blood starts appearing around his head.

“And Jeff cut a promo about his family legacy and how long they’ve been in wrestling and that they always make an impact, and that body bags are on the way. And he even knocked some of the production people because they all used to work for him, and probably at this point will again.”

Continuing, Jim Cornette criticized Tony Khan for tweeting about Jarrett’s executive position in light of the segment on television, saying they contradict each other.

“And here’s the thing. An hour later, I guess right after the show, by the time the show went off the air, Tony Khan had tweeted welcoming Jeff Jarrett to the company, and announcing that he was also going to have a position as an executive in the office. Okay, either one of these things I will work with.

“Everybody knows I think Jeff Jarrett’s a f*cking fantastic wrestling mind and talent. He’s right now, if he walked in there, he’d be one of the upper 10 percentile of best workers on the TNA roster. We’re gonna break this down. He would be one of the upper 10 percentile of the wrestlers in the AEW roster because he was one of the upper 10 percentile wrestlers in the TNA roster. He’s had 30 plus years of experience, started as a teenager. He grew up in the business, he’s worked with everybody, he can work with everybody. He can wrestle, he can fight, he can do the Tennessee stuff, he can f*cking work.

“And that’s indeed the problem is that he would come in and he knows how to be a heel and a babyface, and he would come in and be able to have a match with anybody on this roster. But that’s not where right now Jeff Jarrett to me is needed. And we’ll talk about that in a second.

“But the point is for Tony to do a surprise debut of a heel that comes in and breaks a guitar over one of the babyfaces head and busts him open. Announces he’s gonna f*ck with everybody there because they’re all bunch f*cking kids basically and body bags are on the way. And the owner of the company an hour later says ‘Welcome Jeff you’re gonna be an executive.’ These two things cannot coexist can they? What the f*ck? Why?”

h/t Inside the Ropes for the transcription