Jim Cornette: Tony Khan Shouldn’t Be “Bubbling Over At Avatar Fan Accounts”

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan’s latest social media outbursts have caught the attention of Jim Cornette.

Ahead of AEW Dynamite and NXT going head-to-head on October 10th, a fired-up Khan talked up the rivalry between WWE and AEW on social media. However, when all was said and done it was NXT that emerged victorious in the ratings.

Despite the loss, Khan continued to take aim at WWE, claiming a bizarre victory, writing that John Cena and The Undertaker had never previously featured on a show that drew less than one million viewers. It’s since been reported that some within WWE saw Khan’s comments as an act of war.

Not content to walk away, Khan posted again on October 13th, discussing his mother being seriously ill a year ago. In the process, he took another jab at WWE, saying a number of AEW stars contacted him while he was at the hospital claiming WWE had been trying to get them to break their contracts. He pointed at this being the moment where the business became personal.

Speaking on the latest episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru, the veteran discussed Khan’s recent social media conduct. The crux of Cornette’s argument is that Khan needs to focus on what’s really important.

“He’s on Cagematch and he’s on Twitter – he just fired his biggest star (CM Punk), but he got another one to replace him, Edge, and he’s about to make his TV debut on a show that’s gonna get its f**king ass kicked in the goddamn ratings, and he’s got time to do this?”

Cornette added that Khan should be above being sparked into action by anonymous comments that might not even be coming from real people.

“All of the horrible things that are said by all these people, whether real or imagined people, on Twitter, if you let that get to you, you’re f**ked anyway because that’s what people do on the f**king thing.

“He should take his business personally, but not to the point where he’s f**king bubbling over at avatar fan accounts. Just try to do a better product and a better show and beat the other guy instead of arguing with… some of these people might not be real people and he’s arguing with them.”

Jim Cornette Offers Explanation For Tony Khan’s Actions

The legendary manager also called out Tony Khan for not commenting on the controversial segment involving MJF and Juice Robinson which drew criticism from some mainstream media outlets.

However, Cornette believes there’s likely a simple explanation for Khan’s behaviour, citing the stress the AEW boss is undoubtedly under.

“I can tell you with some level of certainty from having experienced it, when you’ve got all kinds of stress and a lot of sh*t’s pissing you off, sometimes it’s one of the most minor little things that just sends you bubbling right over the top of ‘pissed off hill’ into ‘violence valley’.

“And then you either, since Tony’s not a violent person, you either lash out with a baseball bat… or you get on Twitter I guess. But it could be a little thing on top of a whole mountain of bigger things. But he may need rest, confinement, treatment, counseling, chemicals, some of these things.”

While there might be a reason for Khan’s actions, one WWE legend has slammed the AEW President as “childish

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