Jim Cornette Explains Why The Rock Has To Beat Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns The Rock

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette has explained why recent events in WWE should lead to The Rock defeating Roman Reigns if they end up squaring off.

For months rumours have persisted that The Rock could return to WWE for one final match to cap off his legendary career by taking on the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Those rumours gained more steam following the 16th of January edition of Raw when The Usos announced “every generation” of The Bloodline would be at the 30th anniversary of Raw for an “acknowledgement ceremony” for The Tribal Chief.

With Roman Reigns holding the two main world titles in WWE and The Rock likely to hang up his boots for good if such a match takes place, many believe that Reigns would be the one picking up the victory, however, there is another train of thought.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette has noted that now Vince McMahon has returned to WWE to potentially sell the company, the biggest movie star in the world winning on WWE’s marquee show surely makes more sense:

“With Vince McMahon around, number one, ain’t no stars gonna be making any less appearances than they are right now. As long as Vince is around, even if he has to pay them if he’s trying to sell this thing. Number two, The Rock’s almost got to win. One would think, just because it’s going to be a downer if he doesn’t, but also he can’t have a title match because everybody [knows] he’s not going to come back and defend the title.”

“It wouldn’t be about the title, it’d be about the mega status of the match. At the same time, Rock would want to put Roman Reigns over and at one point, I would think that would be the thing to do.”

“But as you just said, If Roman’s not going to be full-time, then maybe make people happy and Roman can go in the next night somewhat vulnerable, whatever the f*ck.”

While The Rock’s status for WrestleMania still appears to be up in the air, it is looking increasingly likely John Cena has an opponent set for the event in Los Angeles, California.

h/t Inside The Ropes