Jim Cornette Reacts To Top Dolla’s Terrifying WWE Smackdown Dive Botch

top dolla wwe smackdown

There was a scary missed dive on WWE television recently, so Jim Cornette has given his unique take on what happened when Top Dolla tried to dive over the top rope.

A tag team match took place on the December 16th edition of Smackdown between Hit Row (Top Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis), The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) and Legado Del Fantasma (Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde). The winners of that match would go on to challenge The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Titles this week on Smackdown.

While Hit Row emerged as the winners of the match, there was one spot in particular that got a lot of attention.

Top Dolla, who is a former NFL player that is a very large man, decided it was a good idea to run the ropes and try a dive over the top rope to the floor. Unfortunately, he didn’t jump high enough as his waist hit the top rope and it ended up being a botch as they call it in wrestling. The good thing for him is that he landed on his back on the apron and on his feet on the floor, so he was fine.

After the dive, Top Dolla tweeted that he was fine while claiming that “one of my legs gave out” while attempting the move. The match between Hit Row & The Usos was taped on the same night as this dive and Top Dolla checked out fine by WWE’s medical team.

Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette decided to give his opinion on the dive on his Jim Cornette Drive-Thru podcast:

“And at one point, Michael Cole said he’s (Top Dolla) lost almost 100 pounds. What the f*ck did he start at? He’s had no discernible physique to the point where I would say he’s almost stoop shouldered. There’s no arms there, there’s no muscle tone. It’s admirable, if he’s losing weight, if he was trying to be what he looks like, which is a 40-year-old car salesman that tries to play basketball on the playground with the kids on weekends. It’s admirable, he’s lost 100 pounds.”

“He’s trying to be a pro wrestler. He may have lost the only look that he had. That was any good if he was 400 f*ckcking pounds. But my God again, he teased the dive a time or two and it was like, he looks to the hard camera. He knows where the camera is. And he knows the motions to make it just, again, looks ludicrous when he makes some it looks like he’s a SpongeBob SquarePants character down at the bottom of the ocean kind of waving in the sea. You know, it’s like he’s leading, he’s conducting an invisible choir with the fans in his head that are cheering for him and anticipating this.”

“So finally, he teased the dive a time or two, and finally, he went for it. And they had contrived the situation where almost everybody in the match, I think maybe everybody in the match was over on one side of the ring to attempt to be the catchers for this f*cking fiasco. And he sees he’s in the ring all by himself and he looks at the hard camera and gives it the look like oh, and he gives some kind of finger sign, he should have given the thumbs down. I think it was just three fingers down and a thumb up your ass, I don’t know what the f*cking sign was supposed to be.”

As Cornette continued, he tried to describe what Top Dolla was attempting as best he could.

“He hits the far ropes and he starts running across the ring. And he jumps headfirst and Brian, you’ve seen the guys do this, you’ve seen The Undertaker do this one year at WrestleMania, where you do the head first dive in the hands out it’s like Superman taking off out the window and going over the top rope, and you’ve seen it before where a guy gets all the way over the rope and then his feet will hang on the top and that will stop his momentum and he’ll go crashing face first to the ground. You’ve seen that a number of times right? Well, this wasn’t that.”

“What this was, this f*king guy did the goddamn George Reeves f*cking push off and the Superman jump out the window, on the old TV series, and the only part of him that made it over the top rope was his arms, his head and his chest. His belly caught the top rope. And because he had flown into it with all of his heart and soul, him hitting that top rope with his stomach, it immediately snapped him upside down to where his f*cking feet flew straight up in the air. And his head, not just went head first to the apron, but he was spinning at such a rate that his face flew underneath the bottom rope.”

“He almost dove over the top rope and ended up back in the ring. I’ve never seen that, that would be impossible, but he almost did it. So when he came down, his feet are going over now and his head and chest are underneath the bottom rope, which is the luck of fools and whales had turned him over to where he didn’t go head first to the floor.”

“It turns out he just rolls off the apron of the f*cking ring on his feet and walks off like he did something. And meanwhile, everybody that was standing there waiting for it. They all just fell down anyway even though he never even touched anybody and they all just crumbled to the ground. I have never seen it, it was like the top rope gave him a big backdrop. I have seen guys use the ropes for moves but I’ve never seen one of the ropes use a guy for a move.”

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