Jim Cornette Reacts To CM Punk’s Shock Raw Visit

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Jim Cornette has given his insights into the current CM Punk situation.

While CM Punk hasn’t appeared on TV for any wrestling promotion since AEW All Out 2022, he has still managed to garner attention and make headlines simply by appearing in one place or another.

Such was the case recently as Punk was seen backstage at WWE RAW. This appearance shocked many people within the wrestling industry, especially after reports emerged that he allegedly went there to clear the air with Triple H and settle alleged personal issues between himself and The Miz.

Reactions to CM Punk visiting WWE have been mixed, with some wrestling industry veterans being particularly disappointed with his actions.

But one person that appears to have Punk’s back is Jim Cornette, who gave a more nuanced perspective to Punk’s actions on a recent edition of his Drive Thru podcast.

“Well, you can’t prevent someone, especially under the circumstances, from going to visit friends if they were invited on a personal basis. Punk did not appear on the program or do anything in any professional capacity.

You can wonder if you’re Tony Khan, and you can have your legal department send a cease and desist or contract tampering, or whatever the f*ck, and then the WWE can deny it, but that’s stuff that they don’t like to have going on because if there ever is a real legitimate case one of these days, then they don’t want these little minor things to muddy the waters ‘cause now it’s a track record, right?

‘Well, they talked to this guy, and this guy was here, and blah, blah, blah. So, he wouldn’t be doing that if he was at work at his job doing what he wants to be doing, but he’s got a lot of free time on his hands ‘cause the EVPs are gutless and don’t have the company’s best interest at heart.”

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