Jim Cornette Reacts To Braun Strowman – “You’re Not That Bright”

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Braun Strowman has gotten some heat recently after some critical remarks about some wrestlers, so Jim Cornette has chimed in with his opinion on the topic.

Following Braun Strowman’s match with Omos at WWE Crown Jewel on November 5th, the “Monster of All Monsters” went on social media to brag about the match while also taking some unnecessary shots at other wrestlers.

The now-deleted tweet from Strowman said this:

Holy hell @TheGiantOmos can you believe we got 47 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and reminded the people that no one cares about all these floppy floppers. Giants and Monster > flippy flipper bag your grocery’s at @kroger#AirportTest#SizeIsThePrize#SwoleIsTheGoal

After Braun Strowman’s comments, there were reports that he had backstage heat for what he wrote, especially taking shots at “flippy floppers” and “bag your grocery’s” (groceries) wrestlers that Strowman felt the need to attack.

As wrestling fans know, Jim Cornette is never shy about giving his strong opinion on anything in the business. During a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary wrestling manager actually agreed that it was valid criticism, but he didn’t agree with who was saying it.

“And here’s the thing, Braun, Brown, Mr. Strongman. He’s been in the news lately, as we mentioned at the top of the program, another guy not because of what he’s doing on television, but because behind the scenes. Because now everybody is saying he has nuclear molten magma level heat with the locker room, with all the guys, because he keeps tweeting.

“What was it he tweeted last week? Yeah. All these flippy floppy guys doing their flips and everything and then the strong man comes in and makes all the money or some sh*t. And the criticism may be valid, but the source is not. Because yes, we talk about all these guys doing too many flips now to slow down, actually while I’m on this subject, it is more interesting than SmackDown.”

Cornette would go on to explain that he didn’t think Strowman was the right guy to be delivering these kinds of comments.

“There was a piece on Twitter, while it lasts, this morning that I saw that said well a lot of guys didn’t like CM Punk in the AEW locker room because as soon as he came in, he started giving them advice and telling them to slow down and tell him Tony how things should go and well, how dare he? And they didn’t want to listen.

“If you’re a f*cking college professor and you walk into goddamn romper room and you see that the nursery school teachers are teaching the kids the wrong way to behave, you might think well, maybe I can help out and nip it in the bud early so the six and seven year olds or five year olds or whatever they are don’t get any bad habits. But those five year olds know too much, and they don’t want to listen to that college professor. Well, it’s the same thing here.

“Yes, all of you flippy floppy f*cks ought to slow the f*ck down and extend your lives and careers and make the business a little more credible again instead of your goddamn cheerleading routines. But of all the people who have the f*cking experience, power, pull cachet or opinion in this industry, Braun Brown Strongman is not one of them.”

As Cornette continued, he went on to talk about how Strowman really benefits from being a bigger guy while others in the business don’t have that benefit.

“And no wonder they don’t want to hear it from him, he’s a big jacked up f*cking meathead that wandered into wrestling. And just like a lot of other big jacked up meatheads that have wandered into wrestling over the last last 100 years, he was overpaid and over pushed because of his size. And also because of Vince McMahon’s fascination with giants.

“And that’s not to say that he can’t draw any money or can’t fulfil any position in the wrestling business. But you see by the fact that they fired him a year or two ago, because he was making a couple of million bucks a year, he will never be worth that much money to this company. And I betcha he came back for less than he was making before. Because he didn’t get any other takers anywhere else, that were going to give him a full time job, he tried to start his own promotion, which is he bailed on as quickly as he got a f*cking nibble elsewhere.

“Yes, you can take a big f*cking empty headed klutz like this, and you can make money with him in the wrestling business. And sometimes through no fault of his own or no help of his own, you can make money with him in the wrestling business. But because he’s guaranteed money, he doesn’t even have to draw it.

“And because of an accident of birth, that he’s born this size, that doesn’t give him the goddamn justification to critique other guys who have spent more time and money and effort and pain and agony and blues, paying their dues, and working and et cetera and going through indies and blah blah blah to get to where they are. They don’t like to hear that.

Lastly, Cornette criticized some of Braun Strowman’s grammar usage while making it clear he didn’t think the former Universal Champion was very bright.

“If it’s Bret Hart telling them something they ought to listen. Braun Strowman? Pfft. So big boy, I gotta tell you. And then by the way, he then tweeted I was just joking, nobody can take a joke. That’s because the way you tweet it looks like English is your second language to begin with. You’re not that bright. You’re a big jacked up f*cking 375 pound steroid freak that used to turn over trucks and car tires in your strongman competition that you yourself said made you no money, that’s why you got into wrestling.

“So you’ve been rewarded for your freak of nature size, and your marginal wrestling ability. You’ve been paid millions of dollars a year when guys that could outwork you and out talk you and out think you, have never made anywhere near that amount of money just because they were born six two and 250 and if you’d been born that Brown, you’d be parking f*cking cars.”

“So criticism may be valid, the source is not. If I were you Mr. Strongman. I would quit fucking knocking the boys you got to share a locker room with because you might be able to learn something from them. Most of the guys in the WWE have been highly trained. Or you might just be able to get along better without any of them X-laxing in your f*cking chocolate chip cookies, if any of them have any hair on their balls, like the guys used to do in the old days.”

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