Jim Cornette Responds To Chris Jericho Calling CM Punk A “Cancer”

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette appears to be one of the few people defending CM Punk over the fallout from All Out.

Though no exact details have emerged on what happened in the AEW locker room, the small tidbits that have leaked out seem to paint CM Punk in a worse light than everyone else. Wrestlers that weren’t part of the alleged fight have also weighed in on the events, which in turn led to Jim Cornette giving his thoughts as well.

Though Chris Jericho didn’t actually take part in the fight, it’s said he stepped in to assume the role of locker room leader. And when Jericho referred to Punk as a locker room cancer, it drew the ire of Jim Cornette, who thinks that Jericho’s comments were completely hypocritical.

Speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Cornette fired back at Jericho, saying:

“‘You’re a cancer to the locker room.’ Said Mr. Pot to Mr. Kettle. And I wish we got the exact quote, but I’m sure that Punk probably drew his fist back from one of the Bucks’ face and took his other foot out of the other Bucks’ ass and turned over to Jericho and said, ‘It’s not any of your business, and I think you should go now’. And then resumed ripping out carotid arteries. [Brian – Thanks for showing up, Chris.] Yeah. Where were you when we all needed you?”

While The Elite are set to return to Dynamite very soon, CM Punk’s future remains in doubt. Talks continue of him wanting a contract buy-out, but there have been rumours about a non-compete clause in that option that has caused talks to stall further.

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