Jim Cornette Doesn’t Believe AEW Original Would Last “15 F**king Minutes” In WWE

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has discussed the possibility of an AEW original one day joining WWE and thinks they wouldn’t last very long in the sports entertainment behemoth.

With Cody Rhodes making the jump back to WWE from AEW in 2022, many are wondering how other All Elite stars may cope one day if they made a similar move.

Talking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette discussed the possibility of former TNT Champion Darby Allin one day going to WWE and explained why he doesn’t think he’d last the same way in the company as Rey Mysterio has:

“This is one case I wish we weren’t doing radio and actually had video. You look at a publicity picture of Rey Mysterio physically, body-wise, from his days in, say the late 90s in WCW and early 2000s in WWF. And then you look at Darby Allin’s physique today. Rey was shorter than Darby and jacked to the gills. Darby is a little taller than Rey and has to run around in a garden hose to get wet. He’s so thin.”

Cornette added that he doesn’t think Allin’s daredevil style would particularly mesh well with WWE:

“Plus what I was gonna say was probably even more of a stumbling block in the WWE. Obviously, I don’t know whether Darby Allin’s getting any direction, being given any direction, but if he is he won’t take any obviously, and if he’s not, he might very well bow up under it because the first thing they would tell him is no more of these goddamn goofy stunts you do unless it’s something that we booked and that we’re shooting for video and to promote you with, and no more of these goddamn just goofy off the cuff things where you just fling yourself every which way in these matches because we’re going to make an investment in you.”

“We need you to hold up your end of the bargain and protect your body and take more calculated risks. And that’s not what Darby Allin is all about. I don’t think he’d make it 15 f*cking minutes in the WWE. I don’t think they would particularly like it, I don’t think he’d like it.”

Darby Allin will be in action at AEW Full Gear when he teams with Sting to face the duo of Jay Lethal and ‘The Last Outlaw’ Jeff Jarrett.

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