Jey Uso Yeets Again After WWE Ban

Jey Uso

It looks like Jey Uso is yeeting again after seemingly being banned from using the word on WWE TV.

Yeet became a catchphrase for Uso after his infamous press conference appearance with Cody Rhodes after Fastlane. Rhodes and Uso appeared to have enjoyed some adult beverages before their appearance and took turns shouting “Yeet” for no apparent reason.

As with “What?” and “Yes!” the catchphrase took off with WWE fans and became a firm part of Jey Uso’s lexicon on WWE TV with a t-shirt even being produced to capitalise on its popularity.

However, that was all stopped in its tracks when WWE pulled the plug on Jey Uso using “Yeet” and even blurring out the word on his shirt during replays on TV. This all came when the company was apparently alerted to a trademark for the word filed by independent wrestler Kasey Huffman back in 2021.

Jey Uso Yeets Again

Now it looks like there could be good news for fans on monosyllabic wrestling catchphrases as Jey Uso took to social media to issue simply one word – “YEET!!!”

Huffman’s trademark filing with the USPTO is now listed as “DEAD APPLICATION Refused Dismissed or Invalidated” indicating a deal may have been struck to give up the trademark.