Jey Uso Named “Best, Most Complete Superstar” In Wrestling Right Now

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Jey Uso has been called the “best, most complete superstar” in all of pro wrestling according to a WWE announcer.

For nearly three years now, Jey Uso has been a big part of The Bloodline storyline with his cousin Roman Reigns, his twin brother Jimmy Uso and several others.

When Reigns became the Universal Champion in August 2020 (well over 900 days ago now), his first rivalry was with Jey because it was the start of the heel Reigns character wanting people to “acknowledge” him. That included his own cousin Jey, who Reigns willingly beat up to prove his point. During that storyline, Jey got a lot of promo time and memorably spoke about how it was tough for him sometimes because people didn’t know which Uso he was.

During that 2020-2021 era with no fans in attendance, Jey Uso main evented Smackdown many times and earned the moniker of “Main Event Jey Uso” in that era.

Since July 2021, Jey and his brother Jimmy Uso have been the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions. They have set the record for the longest Tag Team Title reign in WWE history and they also won the Raw Tag Team Titles in May 2022 as well.

It’s been an interesting 2023 so far for Jey Uso since he refused to join The Bloodline in their attack against Sami Zayn at the Royal Rumble because Jey became close friends with Sami over the last year. Recently, Jey finally decided to re-join The Bloodline against Cody Rhodes & Kevin Owens when he superkicked Zayn on Raw moment after Jey hugged Sami. A lot of Jey’s actions get big reactions from the fans, who are absolutely compelled by The Bloodline storyline.

This past Friday on the March 17th edition of Smackdown, Sami Zayn told Jey that the reason Jey was mad at Sami is because Jey wishes he got to attack Reigns the way that Zayn did.

On this week’s WWE After The Bell podcast, WWE announcer Corey Graves had some heavy praise for Jey Uso.

Jey Uso may be the best, most complete superstar in the game right now. There are very few people who have ever captivated me as deeply as Jey has, and let’s be honest: Jey has been the linchpin in this entire Bloodline story from the beginning.”

“Jey is doing the Lord’s work, man. His facial expressions, his emotions, his promos — when Jey speaks right now, there is nobody in the world who can disagree with what Jey says because Jey believes it with every fiber of his being. Jey Uso is truly living up to the moniker of ‘Main Event Jey’ recently.

At WrestleMania 39, The Usos are expected to defend the WWE Tag Team Titles (perhaps just one brand or both) against the reunited best friends duo of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.