Jerry Lawler Suffers Health Setback

Jerry Lawler

WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry Lawler has suffered another setback as he works towards full health.

‘The King’ is one of wrestling’s most recognisable figures having spent over half a century in the business and was a mainstay on WWE television for over two decades before suffering a stroke in 2018.

Memphis-born Lawler was able to return to WWE television in the ensuing years, usually in the role of pre-show panellist, before being struck down once again with a further serious stroke in 2023.

Recent reports suggested that the former AWA World Heavyweight Champion was in good spirits and well set for a full recovery, however another wrestling legend has revealed that Lawler had unfortunately suffered a third stroke in recent weeks.

Speaking on his podcast ‘Story Time‘, legendary wrestling character Dutch Mantell revealed that ‘The King’ was once again facing an uphill struggle towards recovery:

“Well, this is another little thing that I heard through the little grapevine… but I heard he had another one, a minor one, but he did have another one within the last two or three weeks, I heard, or it may have been a month. It must not have been a lot to it.”

Jerry Lawler Contract Update

‘The King’ made headlines recently after rumours had suggested his time with WWE had quietly come to a close.

The rumour was later denied, however, before later being clarified to reveal that only the broadcasting elements of his contact concluded.

Everybody here at TJRWrestling would like to wish Jerry Lawler a speedy recovery.